Past Fiction


I write a lot of short fiction and post it on this blog. I thought I would compile those links for anyone interested.

Thanks for reading.

Unpredictable Destiny The Smell of Freedom
One Simple Act of Kindness Lost, But Found
A Mysterious Mutilation Gabby’s Secret
Holly’s Hope The Trouble with Troy
Eve’s Empathy Fantasy Leap
Calling It a Day Caught on My Space
Security Issues Painfully Shy
Obeying the Rules Surprise, Teacher!
Marriage Counseling The Part About Honoring Your Mother and Father
Extinguishing the Flame Alone Once Again
A Better Choice Taking the High Road
My Mom is (Not) Cool Placing My Life Into His Hands
Stop the Nagging According to Me
Flashback Poisonous Genes
Telling Darkness Fading Fast
On the Dotted Line Fiction or Reality
Rite of Passage For Sale
Get Out There and Vote Rejecting the Stereotype
Reality Check on Register Four! Stop Bugging Me
The Gift of Air The Other Woman
Disappointed Deviation
Take it, Before I Change My Mind Digging It Up
Hell Freezes Over I Had a Problem
Missing Youth How to Lose a Man
Change of Plans Tell the Truth
Caught on Tape Haircut Hotties
Sometimes, There Isn’t a Choice Gemini
Severing the Friendship Ties A Matter of Time
The Problem is Not Mine Life’s Wish List
A Christmas to Remember Little Respect
Did Someone Say Penguin? Offended
The Party’s Over Dude
Subjective Art Afraid to Jump
Waiting for Santa The Cat’s Meow
The Wrong Conclusion Focusing on What Was Important
Time Out Define Creative Nonfiction
How Did it Happen, You Ask? Your Guess is as Good as Mine We’re Married Now
Never Too Old to Have Fun What I did over my Summer Vacation
Scared of Everything Where’s Tom?
Pumpkin Carving A Cry for Help
A Cutting Sense of Humor Empty Promises
The Light Within Don’t Fool with Mother Nature
Sometimes, Family Secrets Should Remain a Secret The Situation is Worse Than You Think
Sacrifice On Loan
Seating Arrangements Smart Enough to Know That Something Was Terribly Wrong
Searching … Ending It
In the Path Don’t Bother
A Bump in the Road Not Afraid to Be Patriotic

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