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Where’s Tom?

I stood frozen in front of the flickering images on my TV.

I quickly squeezed my eyes shut, effectively blocking the image from my eyes, but not my brain.

I must be dreaming.

I opened my eyes …

The nightmare was still smoldering. I dropped to my sofa and stared. Tears began tickling the corners of my lids – I did not try to stop them.

“Do you know where Tom is?” my sister said. She looked at her cell phone. “I can’t get a hold of him.”

I gasped.


My sister didn’t hear the newscaster.

I knew where Tom was.

I looked back at the TV – the buildings continued to burn.


Write up to 100 words, fact or fiction….

This is a themed writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock. The goal is to write something that does not exceed 100 words (not including said prompt). The prompt appears in bold.

9 thoughts on “Where’s Tom?”

  1. Amazing. I am reading these several days late and being astounded at the sense of community and memory I am feeling through the links and then…


    You hit me right between the eyes with this.

    What evocative writing.

    Thank you for linking.

  2. Very realistic. I was pulled right in. I hope it wasn’t real, and I pray that Tom was not among the lost. Excellent use of the prompt and very good writing.~Ames

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