Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Marriage Counseling


Fiction under 250 words.


“Okay everyone, quiet down please. Take your seats and let’s get this session started.”

Ten couples shuffled toward their chairs; the conversation ebbed a bit but didn’t die out completely.

“So,” the director said, his back ramrod straight, his eyes just a bit too enthusiastic. “I’m going to ask you a question and we’ll take turns answering it. Are you ready?”

The women nodded and smiled their readiness; the men warily eyed each other and tried to cover up their embarrassment.

“Quiet down, ladies,” the director shushed a gaggle of women whispering loudly and giggling discretely. “Here’s the question: What have you done for your marriage lately?”

Eyes widened as everyone looked at everyone else for an answer.

“Anyone?” the director asked. He looked around the room, his eyes registering expectation, his mouth set in an encouraging half smile.

Several women began biting their lips in agitation. Several men took a sudden interest in their shoestrings.

“Come now. Someone needs to go first,” said the director.

The seconds slowly ticked by. The steady click-click-click of the clock almost grotesquely loud in the silent room.

“Fine. I’ll pick someone then. Let’s see,” the director lightly tapped his pencil against his clipboard as he surveyed the room. “Cory and Heidi. You go first.”

Heidi sat up and cleared her throat. “Well,” she licked her lips. “We went to the museum …” she looked around the room. “As a family.”

“That’s your answer?” Cory asked. He snorted in disgust. “Hence our marital problem.”


Want to play? All you have to do is write 250 words (no MORE) about any scene you heard, witnessed or imagined. You can either post your own flash fiction on your blog, or post it in the comment section!

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