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Seating Arrangements

Persia absently tapped a small, white placard against her lips as she walked around the room to survey the seating arrangements.

“Perfect,” she muttered. She was confident she had separated the problem guests and that there would be minimal drama during the wedding reception.

She couldn’t put it off any longer; the moment of truth had arrived.

She glanced down at the name on the card.

Everything depended upon this single card…

She carefully weighed the pros and cons of placing the card where it belonged.

Pro: taken care of – Con: she didn’t like the man.

Sighing, she placed the card at the groom’s place setting.





Write up to 100 words, fact or fiction….

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13 thoughts on “Seating Arrangements”

  1. This is such a clever and unexpected take on this prompt. I love it! And I love the way you left us hanging and wondering just who placed the card.


  2. Very relevant. There is so much angst that goes into the positioning of wedding guests. I love that you took this prompt there, and I love her decision at the end.

  3. Very clever indeed. But who exactly is Persia? The wedding planner? Or, heaven forbid, the mother in law? Nice take on the prompt!

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