Love Dare

I’m all about love – whether that’s love between a man and a woman, a mother and her child, or a grandmother with her pets. Relationships fascinate me – I strive to understand them better.

I write romance. I study relationships. I try to pass on what I’ve found or learned to you.

Love is precious. Love is elusive. Love is confusing. Love is painful. Love is wonderful.

Love is HARD.

Given my interest in relationships and my passion for learning, writing and sharing about love, this explains my header. It also explains this page.

Am I an expert on love? HA! Hardly. But I’m interested enough to pay attention and to try and learn from what I witness or read. My mission is to apply what I learn in my articles and stories, and to make myself a better person, both in, and out of, relationships. In fact, I wrote a disclaimer on my so-called “expertise.”

Here you will find links to various posts I’ve written about relationships. Perhaps what you read here will help you, perhaps they will not. At the very least, I hope they will inspire you to become a better partner and to work on finding the loves in your life.

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