Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Obeying the Rules


Fiction under 250 words.


“Can this light be any slower?”

Debbie impatiently tapped the tips of her brand new French manicured nails on the steering wheel. Her lips moved silently as she chastised herself for not running the light. If she had, she’d be inside the building and on her way to THE interview of her life. She would never forgive herself if she didn’t get the job – since when was she a law-abiding citizen?

She glanced in her side mirror and noticed a blood red SUV right on her rear bumper. She huffed in irritation and lifted her eyes to study the woman behind the wheel. The woman was sitting ramrod straight and perfectly still. Her face was expressionless, her teeth were clenched and she appeared to be staring directly into Debbie’s eyes.

Debbie blinked and averted her gaze. What was that woman’s problem? She was just sitting there, she couldn’t go, it was a red light. She shifted her eyes to the road and noted with a start, there were no cars coming toward her. She could safely go. But what if there was a cop close by? What if he saw her run the light and stopped her? She would really be late then.

She inched her mustang a few inches ahead. She caught the SUV’s impatient lurch in the corner of her eye. She looked in her side mirror again. The woman flipped her off with an angry flick.

Debbie chuckled and smiled for the first time that day.