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Hello friends! I started my very own podcast. Now you can take me with you wherever you go. Wait! Come back … that wasn’t meant to be creepy … !

2022 Bullet Journal Set Up / January Spread Write From Karen

Attention bullet journalers! Want some ideas on how to set up your 2022 bullet journal? Click on this link which will take you to my blog and you can see what I've done with my new journal. I'm pretty excited to share my spread ideas and who knows, maybe it will inspire some ideas for your bullet journal.  Thanks for listening!
  1. 2022 Bullet Journal Set Up / January Spread
  2. Will They Accept My Religious Exemption Request?
  3. The Hospital Where I Work Mandated the Experimental Injectable – My Response and Experience
  4. Where to get COVID-19 Medication – Also, CDC Tries to Pick on Florida and it Backfires in their Faces!
  5. Twenty Reasons Why I'm Vaccine Hesitant