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Searching …

She had been missing for two months.

The police tried to help but since she was 19 years old they said that maybe she just took off to begin her new life

I knew better. She wasn’t the type of girl to just disappear without talking to her parents first.

“An anonymous source gave us her description. This might not even be her,” the police officer apologized.

I took a steady breath and looked around at the homeless kids huddled in dirty street corners.

The officer reached a large, covered cardboard box.


I nodded.

He reached a hand out. The curtain parted …





Write up to 100 words, fact or fiction….

This is a themed writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock. The goal is to write something that does not exceed 100 words (not including said prompt). The prompt is in italics above.

15 thoughts on “Searching …”

  1. Oh no! I actually think I need the conclusion of this. Your story hit a little close to home and made me feel so worried for all the homeless kids out there.


    This was such a powerful little gem of a story.

  2. This piece hit me like a fist in the gut. You have a wonderful way with words. And thanks for the reminder of all the homeless out there.


  3. Wonderful! I love the suspenseful angle you took with your Centus! You did a fabulous job of luring us all in, now when do we find out? LOL! Well done!

  4. This was really well written. You’ve captured every parent’s nightmare perfectly, and in 100 words no less. I do hope that you continue this, this could definitely be part of a really good book!

  5. ok, I want more. my kind of book all over the place. and I was scared to think that it was the curtain at the morgue. great job.

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