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3WW: We’re Married Now

The three words to use in a story this week are:

  • Cleanse
  • Knead
  • Melt

Thanks for reading.

My new wife kneaded my shoulders. Her fingers were strong and capable. It felt good. It felt really good. I began imagining those fingers on other parts of my body.

“Hey, why don’t we stay in tonight and …” I turned around, waggled my brows and gave her what I hope was a charming and persuasive smile.

She huffed out an irritated breath and stopped the massage.

“What? No! This is our honeymoon, we’ve got to live it up. I want to take that night tour we’ve been talking about and did you see the food buffet when we came up? To DIE for. I can’t wait to stuff my face. We can,” she fluttered her hand in front of her face and frowned, “do that other stuff later. Hell, we have our whole lives to do that – we’ll never be in Barbados again.”

An image of my obese mother-in-law suddenly popped into my head. Her dress had been so tight at the wedding, I was seriously afraid she would rip a seam and flash the entire church. I swallowed. Surely my size eight wife wouldn’t look like that someday, would she?

I got up from the side of the bed and turned to help Connie off the fluffy mattress. She stumbled and fell into my arms.

I turned on the charm and gently kissed the pulse just behind her earlobe.

“Oh come on,” I coaxed. “We’re going to be here all week. Let’s order room service and watch porn. Maybe we’ll get some ideas.” I again waggled my brows and waited for her to giggle at my pathetic attempts to flirt with her.

“Danny.” She frowned and pushed me away. “Get real. I don’t want to have sex right now.”

“But you always melt when I hug you,” I whined. I knew I sounded pathetic, but I was sort of hurt. Where was my sex kitten?

“Married people don’t melt,” she snapped and grabbed her purse. “I’m going downstairs. Are you coming?”

I blinked, shocked at her coldness. “You seriously don’t want to stick around the hotel room tonight?”

She placed a hand on her hip and looked impatient.

I guess that was my answer.

“It’s already 7:30, Danny. They start closing the buffet table down at 8:00. Look,” she purred and moved closer to me. “I’ll save us a table. Why don’t you freshen up, maybe change into that navy shirt I like so much, and meet me downstairs, okay?”

I looked down at my clothes. What was wrong with what I was wearing?

She gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and left the room.

I sighed and walked out onto the balcony. I leaned up against the railing and took a cleansing breathe. The reds and oranges from the setting sun was gorgeous. Too bad my new wife had no interest in sharing it with me.

I had a terrible feeling I had just made a huge mistake.

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3 thoughts on “3WW: We’re Married Now”

  1. Two different personalities and no communication oh dear that won’t work and him all ready regreting the wedding?Oh dear indeed! great story

  2. Oh dear. That resentment is definitely going to build, on both sides. Lack of understanding and silent annoyance at the little things turns into bigger things until one day you can’t stand each other and you can’t remember why.

    Absolutely fabulous answer to the prompt!

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