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Flash Fiction: My Mom is (Not) Cool


Fiction under 250 words.


Paula laughingly glanced over at her daughter as she turned into the school parking lot. ”And then she said what?”

“Oh come on mom, don’t make me repeat it!” laughed Remi as she reached up to wipe a tear of mirth from her eye. “Sometimes, I wonder if she’s got a brain at all. I still can’t believe she said that. I would have DIED.”

Paula nodded in agreement as she carefully navigated the packed packing lot. Kids in various shapes and sizes suddenly appeared between the parked cars.

“I wish these kids would use the cross walk,” she mumbled.

Remi rolled her eyes and slipped her name badge lanyard over her head.

The women shared a smile as they basked in the good humor they shared a moment before.

Remi’s smile abruptly disappeared as she spotted her friends crossing the parking lot.

Paula grimaced. Here it comes, she thought. She resisted the urge to sigh. She knew, from past experience, that would really irritate her daughter. Remi already felt guilty enough without having her add to the burden.

The maroon Ford Escape made a smooth stop in front of the entrance. Remi opened the door and began to step out. “Hey guys, wait up!” Without a backward glance, she stepped out of the car and slammed the door.

Paula released her sigh. Her feelings weren’t hurt, but she was disappointed. It wasn’t “cool” to have a good relationship with parents. With her eyes focused straight ahead, she drove off.

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