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Ending It

“So what did you tell them?”

“Who?” She kept her gaze on the countryside outside her car window. Everything was blurry and muted, like her life at the moment.

“Your parents, dummy.”

“Right.” She sighed. “I told them we were going to a bookstore across town. They have no idea I left town.”

“Are you sure you want to do this? We could take care of this baby ourselves.”

“We can’t take care of a baby, Sean. Just … don’t. I’ve made up my mind.”

“It’s not too late to turn back.”

She pointed to the sign, –Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead-.

“This is it.”





Write up to 100 words, fact or fiction….

This is a themed writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock. The goal is to write something that does not exceed 100 words (not including said prompt). The prompt is in italics above.

11 thoughts on “Ending It”

  1. I liked this heart wrenching twist. So many decisions in life are so difficult…I can imagine the rest of this story playing out in my imagination.

    Great, evocative writing.

  2. Ouch! What a conundrum for these young people. Your ways with words makes is so visual and real, I could almost see myself riding in the back seat.


  3. Serious stuff. A great post that has such wonderful descriptions in it! You can sense the division between them.

  4. Thank God she realizes her own situation. The last thing we need in this country right now are more unwanted children! Excellent post!!

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