About Karen

Karen is mom to two young men (in their 20’s!). She has been married to the same wonderful, patient, thoughtful and generous man for 29 years.

Karen works in the health care field doing all sorts of things she can’t even pronounce, let alone talk about. (Pst. I hear she LOVES her job. Which, you’ll hear that too, if you read her blog for any length of time).

She also has a degree in Professional Writing though is more interested in pursuing a career in creative writing.

Karen is not interested in reviewing products or paid sponsorships at this time. (If you ignore this part, you will be wasting your time contacting her about the next MUST HAVE product because she has a delete button and is not afraid to use it).

She also feels weird talking about herself in third person but has read that it sounds more professional when you set your about page up that way so …

She’s here. She’s watching you read this, actually.

Now she’s pretty sure she has just creeped you out.

Blogging Experience

Karen has been blogging for more than a dozen years. (HOW did that happen??) However, she has gotten lazy over the past few years but is working on making a comeback in the near future.

She writes about anything that comes to mind. Some days, her mind is blank (no posts), some days, her mind is cluttered (which explains the three posts in one day) – she always has a lot to say about nothing.

Comments are generally turned off. Why? Because she has family who read her blog posts and sometimes people just aren’t nice and write before they think, which upsets her family, which is strictly prohibited. So she has turned off comments in order to focus her energies on other things – like real life. (And this way, she can pretend she’s talking to herself and not the vast space that is the Internet and she doesn’t get freaked out that way).

More About Karen

Karen is a soft-hearted, compassionate optimist who loves to help people. But she does have limitations and is quite flawed. She also gets quite impatient with people who choose to spend their time and energy whining, complaining, lamenting, reflecting on their situation as opposed to getting out there and doing something about it.

She is also fairly honest (or as honest as one can be on the Internet) with herself and her readers and quite often will not apologize for her opinions.

The first rule of writing is: “Always keep your audience in mind” and that’s exactly what she does. WFK contains snippets of her life, her writing and (hopefully) useful information for other parents out there. If readers stick around long enough, they will notice she keeps a certain “schedule” of sorts as far as what she posts. (Forget this part – there is no schedule. That’s just wishful thinking on her part. As you were).

She respects her family and friends and will never post anything derogatory or offensive (she hopes).

Mission Statement:

The purpose behind WFK is to document Karen’s life. This blog is about her thoughts, her feelings, life experiences.

WFK is a WYSIWYG blog – what you see is what you get. Karen will not play head games, participate in Internet gossip and will not actively, or purposefully, hurt or belittle anyone. She has no desire to argue with people. In fact, it’s safe to say, she will rarely argue at all. She knows her mind and is not afraid to verbally express it.

She would like to openly thank everyone who visits and reads (or skims, whatever). Her life is a little less lonely because of you.

Peace out.


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