Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Extinguishing the Flame


Fiction under 250 words.


“I love this cake platter from Pottery Barn. Don’t you love this cake platter, honey?” Babette carefully placed the piece on the center of the table and smiled at her husband.

“Uh huh,” Robert mumbled.

“And just look at this cake,” Babette said as she opened the carton and slowly lifted out the confection. “Our first anniversary cake. It couldn’t be more perfect.”

“Right,” Robert said.

“And can you believe that the bakery was able to exactly match our wedding colors? Remember, honey? Lavender and eggshell white.” She lovingly placed the cake on the cake stand and reached for the decorative candle shaped into the number one. She methodically pierced the cake with the candle and stood back to take a look. “Perfect,” she said with satisfaction.

“Babs, we need to talk,” Robert said and glanced at the Victorian-style grandfather clock sitting next to their lush, leather sofa. “I tried to call you several times today. Why didn’t you answer?”

Babette waved him aside and focused her attention on striking a match and lighting the candle. “We can talk later. We’re celebrating right now.” She blew out the match and smiled at him through the curls of smoke. “Can you believe it’s been one whole year?” She released a dreamy sigh. “One whole year of wedded bliss. We’re so lucky.”

“Right. Lucky. Look, Babs…”

“Ready? Let’s blow it out together.”

They both leaned over the cake and blew the flame out.

“Perfect,” said Babette.

“I want a divorce,” said Robert.


Want to play? All you have to do is write 250 words (no MORE) about any scene you heard, witnessed or imagined. You can either post your own flash fiction on your blog, or post it in the comment section!

Either way – do it now. Don’t wait. Don’t make excuses.

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  1. He sits at his word processor. That’s right. It’s not a PC, nor even a Mac. A word processor. All alone. No connection to the outside world. Is he lonely? He types furiously about something random. Clearly, he is not.

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