Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Surprise, Teacher!


Fiction under 250 words.


“Here you go, teacher. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Carla smiled at the little girl and accepted the bouquet.

“Oooh, these smell so nice! Thank you, Suzy.”

The little girl clapped a hand over her mouth and giggled. “My mommy works at a flower shop,” she mumbled between pudgy fingers.

“Teacher, teacher! Here’s my gift!” another little girl said while handing over a box of chocolates. “My grandma works at a chocolate store. She makes the bestest chocolate ever!”

Carla turned her bright smile to the other girl and took the box. “I can’t wait to eat them,” she said and lightly patted the girl on the head.

“Here’s MY gift,” a little boy said, his voice ringing with bravado as he struggled to place the box on her desk.

Carla’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh my,” she said softly. “I wonder what it could be.” She noticed a stream of liquid leaking from the bottom of the box and slowly creeping across the top of her desk. Knowing that Mason’s father worked at a liquor store she dipped a finger into the liquid to take a taste.

“Hhmm,” she paused. “Is it champagne?”

The boy shook his head and grinned.

She dipped her finger again for another taste.


Mason laughed out loud before bursting with pride.

“It’s a puppy!!”

Carla gagged on the ball of bile in the back of her throat. She promptly got up and raced to the sink.

“Surprise?” Mason said with a tilt of his head.

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