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Flash Fiction: Security Issues

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Kathy leaned back in the rocking chair careful to keep her full mug of coffee from sloshing over the edge. Her eyes were trained on her neighbor’s driveway, more specifically, the van sitting in her neighbor’s driveway.

Why did Laura feel like she had to install a security system? The large white letters, ADT, loomed ominously against the blue background of the company logo; the brilliant colors were a blemish on an otherwise gray and black January morning canvas.

She took a slow sip of her morning brew, a pitter patter of small imprints, like a cat cautiously making it’s way across the back of a couch, made indents in her stomach lining triggering a nervous tingle to snake up her spine. Had her neighbor had a problem with prowlers? She couldn’t recall if the police had paid Laura a visit recently, she would have known about that. Though Kathy wasn’t exactly a nosy neighbor, she did keep an eye on what was going on around her. Did this mean she was in danger of being robbed?

She glanced around the sun room dispassionately. Did she really have anything worth stealing? The monetary value of her possessions was meager at best yet the sentimental value of her collection of porcelain figurines was priceless to her. How would she handle it if someone broke in and smashed her babies to bits? Could she handle it?

Kathy winced at the thought and picked up the cordless phone on the table next to her.

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Security Issues”

  1. I guess all flash fiction has an element of it being part of something more. And I kind of like that way, actually.

    It is funny though how when someone else gets something you never even thought of, you suddenly need it too. I’m so guilty of that.

  2. Heya, Benjamin.

    Thanks. But this was just something I wrote off the top of my head after seeing an actual ADT truck in my neighbor’s yard. And that got me to thinking, “I wonder if anyone else will get a security system installed after seeing this?”

    I think it does sort of make you think twice.

    The power of suggestion has always fascinated me. 😀

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