It’s Been One of Those Mornings

And when it rains, it pours.

Good grief, this morning has been hectic.

I sign on, go through my morning routine, and then the hounds of hell are released. I can’t get back on the Internet.

Swell. I have clients waiting on me.

So, in between making lunches for the boys, I’m troubleshooting our connection.


I unplug everything, finish making lunches, plug everything back in … nothing.

I plea with Kevin to please FIX IT (because he’s a super whiz and is the best problem solver, EVER), and then leave to take the kids to school.

As I’m walking out of the door, I yell over my shoulder, “If you can’t fix it, don’t stress. I’ll just go to my backup plan!”

My backup plan being the library Internet connection.

I get back from dropping the kids off, still no Internet.

I so don’t have time for this because I’ve got guys coming over to fix my kitchen and I still haven’t taken a shower.

So, I whip through my shower (in record time, I might add) and start making backups of files so I can transfer them to my laptop; I will need to use the Internet connection at the library to upload some client files.

*insert sound of needle ripping across a record here*

But wait. I don’t have Dreamweaver (my website software) loaded onto my laptop.

So, in between putting my war paint on (i.e. makeup), I load Dreamweaver on my laptop.

With each stroke of the mascara wand, I’m clicking buttons and installing files because I NEED to get these files uploaded before my clients get cranky.

I’m expecting the cabinet guy to show up and our new appliances are supposed to be delivered between 8:00 a.m. and noon. I figured, I have time to run up to the library (about two miles from my house), upload my files and race back home before the guys call.

I have a plan, everything is cool.

*takes a deep breath*

I have just finished blow drying my hair when the phone rings, only it’s not who I think it is and glancing at the clock, it’s 8:45 a.m. There is no way I’m going to make it to the library and back before the cabinet guy is scheduled to come (and he’s always on time). So, I’ll just run up to the library after he gets here.

The phone rings again.

It’s the appliance guys, they’re on their way.

The phone rings two minutes later, it’s the cabinet guy, he’s also on his way.


I pack up my laptop and am zipping up the backpack when the appliance guys pull up. They’re unloading our goodies when the cabinet guy pulls up.

I’m checking to make sure everything is delivered (four pieces) and signing my life away when they ask me what sort of cord we’ll need for our range.


As usual, I’m clueless and after the guys ask me how old our house is (40 years old), they give me a cord the approximate thickness of a Boa Constrictor and after “have a nice day!” they take off.

(They were actually very nice).

Okay. They’re gone and I only have the cabinet guy to deal with.

(Who’s also very nice).

He grins at me. I grin back and then without a word, we go our separate ways.

I make sure our valuables are hidden (what valuables – I’m totally exaggerating here), tell the cabinet guy I have an errand to run, and here I am, at the library, furiously typing out this entry because I have no idea when our home Internet connection will return.

(Kevin called and said his boss, who also uses the same service that we do, was also having problems, so now I’m thinking it’s not us, but our service. So, I thought I would call our service to see what the heck is going on but since I didn’t have the number, Kevin gave it to me. Only, it was the wrong number, it was the number of our insurance company – that doesn’t help me! So I still need to call them when I get back home).

*takes another deep breath*

I get to the library and am unpacking my laptop when I realize, I forgot to pack the stupid power cord. So, I hurriedly uploaded the files I needed to upload (no grumpy emails – YAY!) and now, I’m 100% focused on writing this out and publishing before my pitiful battery, which was never that great to begin with, conks out on me and you’re left reading half a sente

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A Visual Representation of My Thoughts on the Obama Health Care Summit

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(And yes. This is what happens when I post before I’ve had my morning coffee.)