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Worth Mentioning …

Here are a few things that caught my attention this past weekend.

(WARNING: These topics are controversial and a bit *ahem* top heavy, but these are the sorts of things I think about – a lot. Thanks for stopping by).

Remember all the hoopla over the Pro-Life commercial that was scheduled to air during the Super Bowl? Have you seen it??

I KNOW! Are you shocked?! Can you believe they would promote family?!? What is wrong with these people.


Isn’t it crazy what people get so bent out of shape over? I thought this commercial was sweet and touching and only reinforced the need for women to make a wise and informed decision about something as precious as a life.

But hold on – I’m pro-choice. And by that I mean pro-choice. I believe women have the right to say what happens to their body. I believe that as soon as that right, or any similar right that affects an individual, is taken away, then we have serious problems.

Can you imagine being a victim of incest or rape and then having someone tell you that you MUST have the baby anyway? That you don’t have a choice. Yes, it was a terrible and bad thing that happened to you but TOUGH. That decision is no longer yours to make.

BUT …. BUT … before you go off and start lecturing me about the importance of life let me just say …

I agree with you. Please understand, I think a woman should retain her right to choose what is done to her body, I just pray that she chooses life over death.

It sickens, and disgusts me, how callous society has become when it comes to children. Both in the womb and out. Abortion should never, ever, EVER be used as a form of birth control and I think too often, it is. I think society, as a whole, does not value life in general and is alarmingly flippant and blasé about it. It’s life. It’s precious. And I believe that if a woman finds herself pregnant, she should CHOOSE to either keep it or give it up for adoption. Abortion should only, and I stress ONLY, be the last resort.

I think too often, pro-choice people are actually pro-abortion. Because if they were truly pro-choice, wouldn’t they be grateful that the women who contemplated abortion chose life instead? I see too many people get bent out of shape when other alternatives are offered to women in that situation and I just don’t understand WHY pro-choice people would have a problem with that. Don’t you find it ironic that to be truly pro-choice other options should be given and yet when they’re given, and taken, people get upset? Why would anyone get upset over a woman’s CHOICE to give birth to the baby and then give it up for adoption? Or CHOOSE to keep the baby and raise it herself? That’s what this commercial is all about. It’s about the choice this woman made to keep her baby, even though she was having a difficult pregnancy and even though the experts were telling her the baby might die.

And yet, people have a problem with it. Why? Because it promotes life? Because it highlights this woman’s decision to have her baby despite the danger? Because it promotes strong family values? Because it was scheduled to air during a time slot reserved for inane, asinine, fluffy commercials about casual Fridays? I truly don’t understand the opposition.

In the meantime, you can read more about the story behind this commercial here. (Please watch it – it’s inspiring and brought tears to my eyes). If you want to comment, go ahead. But I reserve the right to delete anything that is less than respectful or inflammatory in any way.

Speaking of Super Bowl commercials, here’s another one that irked me:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Danica Patrick. *SIGH* I just can’t like her because of these stupid, sexist Go-Daddy commercials.

I mean, here’s a woman, making headway in a predominately male sport, who has the opportunity to be great, to do something substantial, to make history and inspire future generations of women and yet, she succumbs to the ole stand-by of “let’s flash some boob to get attention” stint.

I mean, COME ON, Ms. Patrick, have some freaking pride, why don’t you? I understand the whole sponsor thing, I get that it’s really hard, if not impossible, to get anyone to go out on a limb and fork over millions of dollars for a racing team in this economy, but couldn’t you have put your foot down and said something like “NO! I won’t allow you to market me into yet another lame, sexist attempt to broaden your audience.”

Here’s a thought, what ever happened to showing what a kick-ass driver you are? Instead, we’re once again focused on your looks and the fact that *GASP* you have breasts.

Big whoop.

I’m excited about more women getting into NASCAR, but geez louise, can we have a little respect for our gender, and for the other female drivers in the meantime? Which are just as pretty and probably just as talented as Ms. Patrick, only we don’t know about because the media is so focused on Patrick’s lame attempts to market herself and tease the public with boob shots.


Here is an interesting local story I thought I would comment on:

Religious symbol on jewelry puts woman crossways with employer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In essence, this woman works (worked?) for FedEx and refused to take off her cross necklace citing religious reasons. Only, the company specifically has a policy about anyone wearing any sort of jewelery with their uniform – they can’t even wear any sort of pins. This is a company policy and I’m assuming this woman signed a form stating that she agreed to those terms.

I think it was wise on FedEx’s part to make this policy specific and known because in order to allow one individual to wear a symbol of Christianity, then to be fair, they then would also be forced to allow others to wear their religious symbols and quite honestly? It’s hard enough not to offend anyone in business, let alone when a company is willing to open the door to symbols that will surely offend someone at some point; eliminating all sorts of jewelry and garment paraphernalia nips a potential problem in the bud.

Now granted, I can appreciate this woman’s willingness to stand up for her religion, a religion that I happen to also believe in, but this is a company policy, that she was made aware of multiple times and is a condition of her working there. Not to sound cold-hearted, but if she wants to wear her cross, she will need to look for a job that will allow her the luxury of wearing said jewelry.

However, given these last few sentences in the story:

“Her administrative leave is attributed to being out of uniform for multiple months. There are personal insignia limitations in the dress code but religious exceptions are given when requested and validated.”

Graves says she didn’t know and wasn’t told she could apply for a religious exemption. She says she would have done so if given the opportunity.

It sounds to me like the company will give in to her “religious exemption.” Which isn’t right, though again, I can appreciate this woman’s refusal to conform and compromise her beliefs, because if the company gives in to her, then they have to give in to the next person and the next and where exactly do they draw the line?

Why even have a policy to begin with if they’re going to eventually waffle and cite “religious exemption” for the people who refuse to follow company rules?

Did you hear?! Sarah Palin wrote on her hand!! Oh my gosh!! The gall of the woman! Has she never heard of a teleprompter??

And can you believe this was actually news? And the left was trying to somehow spin this into something about cheating?!

Unbelievable. Yes, the woman wrote down some key points she wanted to cover in the speech she gave at the annual Tea Party convention in Nashville over the weekend. And I daresay she wrote those key points down because she didn’t have teleprompters to guide her when she spoke – from her heart.

Unlike another prominent public SERVANT in the White House.

Let’s not forget that our Commander in Chief can’t even address children without his trusty teleprompter, people.

I mean seriously. How pathetic.

THAT pretty much trumps any notes that Palin scribbled on her hand, don’t you think?

And lastly, because this post is steeped in negativity, let’s end on a positive, and funny, note.

Betty White’s appearance in this Snickers commercial:

She’s a class act, isn’t she? 🙂