Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: The Part About Honoring Your Mother and Father


Fiction under 250 words.


“Casie! Sharon! It’s time for Bible study, get in here!”

Lauren leaned over to place the children’s bibles at their respective places at the dining room table. Her husband entered the room and playfully slapped her on the rear-end.

“Hey!” She laughed and twisted around to receive his kiss. “Stop that. Somehow, it feels wrong to be swatted on the butt right before we honor God.”

Her husband chuckled, gave her a playful wink and took his seat at the head of the table.

The two girls scampered into the room giggling. They gave each other a playful shove before settling into their seats; they squirmed with pent-up energy.

“Okay girls, settle down. Sharon, you’ve got food on your mouth, wipe it off, please.”

The seven-year old girl lifted a pudgy hand up to her mouth and neatly wiped it across her mouth. She then ran the back of her hand down the side of her jeans to clean off her hand.

Lauren sighed. “I actually meant for you to use a napkin, but since I wasn’t specific,” she rolled her eyes at her husband. “I suppose I asked for that one.”

Casie chuckled in appreciation of her sister’s actions.

“So,” Lauren’s eyes locked onto Casie as she took her seat. “Did you read the Ten Commandants like I asked you to?”


“And did you note the part about honoring your mother and father?”

Casie snorted. “You said to learn it. You didn’t say I had to do it!”


Want to play? All you have to do is write 250 words (no MORE) about any scene you heard, witnessed or imagined. You can either post your own flash fiction on your blog, or post it in the comment section!

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