At the Moment

At the Moment … A Little One-On-One Time

7:32 p.m.

Jazz is at a sleepover. Kevin left to go play at a gig tonight and that just leaves me and Dude. We took advantage of this time alone and went driving. We first went to Bed, Bath and Beyond so I could buy a new dish brush and a Yankee candle – cause mama LOVES Yankee candles. Then he drove us to Steak-N-Shake for dinner and I’m now, right this very minute, sucking on a vanilla shake.

My intestines will object later, I’m sure. But … meh. Such is life.

We had a really nice time. He got to practice driving in the dark and it was nice to just be me and him, without the distraction of crazy little brother and without the pressure of having to impress dad – it was just me – boring old mom.

We actually went in to eat at Steak-N-Shake. It wasn’t very crowded when we got there, but of course, the place filled up shortly after we ordered. That always happens – we go someplace, hardly any customers and then *POW* – we’re surrounded. It’s so strange and we all laugh about it now. It’s like, “Oh LOOK! There’s the blank family! They’re so cool! We have to stop and eat/shop there because we too want to be cool!”


Our conversation was a bit awkward at first. But I kept asking him questions and he soon relaxed a bit. I asked him if he was embarrassed to out in public with “MOM”, but he surprised me and said no. Of course, he was probably lying, but it still made me feel good. We talked a little about our upcoming New York trip in July. His eyes lit up and I think he’s really looking forward to going. I hinted that we were going to go someplace fun, someplace that he and Jazz would absolutely love and my very smart son said, “Nintendo World?”

*sigh* I can’t get anything by this boy.

Kevin called while we were eating, he had forgotten his song list and wanted us to drop back by the house and get it for him. So, Dude drove back to our house, I ran in and grabbed it. We then drove up to The New Key Largo to deliver the song list. Kevin was excited to see us and wanted us to see the place where he would be playing. Well, I’ve already seen it, of course, he wanted Dude to see it. So, Dude shut off his car and we went in.

I could tell by Kevin’s face that he was pretty proud to show Dude where they were going to play. And Dude made me proud when he shook hands with the other guys in the band, like the budding man he is.

Now. He’s back online, talking to his “friends.” Though I suppose I shouldn’t put that in quotation marks since he’s actually been talking to this same group of guys for a few years now.

And I’m sitting here, typing to you all because I’m lonely and I miss my guys.

Times like these? I crave a girlfriend.