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A Visual Representation of My Thoughts on the Obama Health Care Summit

This is what I thought of Obama’s health care “summit” (i.e. – let’s try and convince the American people that it’s really the REPUBLICANS who are the bad guys and OH, don’t you dare disagree with my ideas or I will talk over you and act super arrogant because I’m the PRESIDENT and shut up, I’m talking) yesterday.


(And yes. This is what happens when I post before I’ve had my morning coffee.)

5 thoughts on “A Visual Representation of My Thoughts on the Obama Health Care Summit”

  1. Dystopia can not and will not be able to provide that info specific or not because it does not exist!
    That is of course you are referring to the so called “party of no” as to which the Dems seem to have that philosophy down. No to T.O.R.T reform, no to cross state policy’s, no to having those ‘Cspan’ cameras and no you cant be apart of the process because Republicans don’t have the key to the closed doors. No sweet heart deals for you and above all NO TO YOU PESKY PEOPLE WHO BOTHER US AT THE TOWN HALL MEETINGS, ON OUR PHONES, HOLDING THOSE STUPID RALLY’S…… AND FOR PETE SAKE NO WE DON’T CARE ABOUT OPINION POLLS.
    Ask the Dems to stop spending and what is the answer? NO!
    Ask the Dems to stop borrowing and the answer is? No!
    Ask this administration to quit with the special interest and union lobbyist (after all that is what the Pres campaigned on)…the answer is NO NO NO NO!
    And for you Libtards out there ask this administration to close Guantanamo Bay …NO, cant do it.
    Ask the Administration to bring the troops home and the answer is NO in fact the President sends more and with MORE DEATH on his hands.

    Oh but wait when asked to put to a vote on how to conduct war ie; ( the surge of U.S forces in Iraq) the President then Senator had no problem saying NO…but then takes credit for it as quote ” One of this Administrations greatest achievements” ..(insert can of cream corn here).

    With 14 percent of the United States population not even able to read or write it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a fruit vendor to figure out that Government run school systems create this entitlement attitude. God forbid something really bad happens here what ever it maybe…can the whining, begging , thief’s take care of themselves….NO!

    But wait! No Food stamps!…No.
    No Government subsidies….NO!
    No Government run healthcare…NO NO NO.
    But what does that leave me with?…………….A good start is my answer, that and that little thing called FREEDOM.

    You cant have something for nothing
    You cant have freedom for free
    You wont get wise with the sleep still in your eyes
    No matter what the dream might be……………………………………..2112

  2. No one likes to be talked down to – no matter the color of his/her skin. (And WHY must the color of his skin even be brought up? That’s not, nor has ever been, the damn issue. It’s the fact that the Democrats are once again, and will always, want to control the people. We DO NOT WANT a socialist nation).

    And you’re right, the summit was a failure because we’ll never agree – the Dems want total control over the people – the Reps want to give control to the people.

    All we can do is come to a compromise: it’s called democracy.

    But we have a president who refuses to compromise as evidenced by his closing remarks about shoving this piece of crap legislation down our throats whether we like it or not (and the majority of people DO NOT WANT IT) because the Democrats apparently know what’s best for US, the people. And THAT’S the biggest issue.

    We’re not children. We are capable of taking care of ourselves. If some people choose not to take care of themselves, that’s their problem but the beauty of this country is that it offers choices – our administration is trying to take those choices away from us.

    And I’d like to know, exactly, what Republican proposals the Democrats have adopted.

    Be specific, please.

  3. It’s a moment of truth. Republicans and Democrats don’t agree. We utilize democracy specifically for this reason. If the majority can’t rule, then we very simply do not have a government. There’s no one crying about the lack of a filibuster in the House. It’s a moment of truth because I think we all are coming to the conclusion that the Senate is broken, and it’s getting in the way of governance. Democrats have a right to go forward with their proposals by any means necessary. In fact, they have a moral obligation to. The Republicans aren’t compromising on anything while the Democrats have adopted many of the Republican proposals. The Republican party has quite frankly become a liability to this nation. They’ve become a nuisance. And that’s what their entire goal is.

    The election of Scott Brown is not the recall of Barack Obama and the Democratically-controlled Congress. We elected them, so now they have to do what we elected them to do.

    Any time you guys use the word “arrogant” we know you really mean “uppity”. You can’t stand being talked to like that by a black person.

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