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Gimme Sweet Potato Pie

I don’t dislike sweet potatoes, but I don’t go out of my way to eat them, either. The only time I ever eat them is at Thanksgiving, or whenever Kevin is having a craving and makes them on the grill. (Which is actually not half bad, quite honestly).

You’re going to totally sing this song the rest of the day, aren’t you. HA! You’re welcome.

So. People. How was your Thanksgiving?!? Good? I hope so. If not, then I’m sorry. 😦

We had Thanksgiving over at my sister-in-law’s this year. We rotate dinners every year between Kevin and his two sisters. Last year we hosted, this year it was at Kevin’s oldest sister’s turn and next year, his youngest sister will host. Though I really stress out whenever it’s at our house, I really like this rotation schedule because it takes the pressure off one person having to host it every year.


I had a headache. It was a combination of too much caffeine and not enough sleep. I’m afraid we cut our day sort of short because of it. The food was scrumptious, though. My SIL made some sort of Waldorf salad and WOW. We’ll have to make it a family tradition. She had SO MUCH FOOD, but we were feeding SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE that by the time the afternoon rolled around, the table was pretty much empty.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families. No drama. No grudges (that I know of!). We all pretty much agree on politics and religion (sort of). We’re not perfect, but we are certainly blessed.

We’re putting our Christmas tree and outside lights up today. Will post more later!

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