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I nearly walked out of my job today.

It’s not because I don’t like it, I actually DO like it.

It’s not because of the people I work with – I LIKE the people I work with.

But the job itself is SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING!!!! I’m getting used to not knowing what I’m doing. I just sort of float along all day hoping that whatever I’m doing is good enough, or at the very least, won’t inconvenience a patient or land me in hot water with my boss.

I find myself taking care of patients twice. TWICE. Because I have no recollection of ever helping them to begin with, let alone following up on their specific needs.

It’s insane how out-of-control I feel in this job.

I can’t even tell you how much time I WASTE following up on patient’s I’ve already taken care of. I called a patient twice today because I didn’t remember taking care of him in the first place. I faxed something over twice and a gal came up to my desk today to ask me about a note I put in a patient’s chart and I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WRITING THAT NOTE.

It’s spooky. I know it’s because I have a million things going through my head and I’m trying to cover all of my bases, but still, it’s a little disconcerting how out-of-control I feel in this job.

Wait. Did I just say that?

At any rate, I’m going in early and working late because I’m desperately trying to stay no more than one day behind.

And according to the girls I work with? That’s totally normal!!

They told me to just accept the fact that I will never be caught up in this job – all I can do is put out the fires that spark up unexpectedly (and they do, boy howdy they do), and to try to take care of the oldest pending work first and go from there.

It’s an insane pace and there are times I have to walk away and just BREATHE. But at the same time, it’s a rush and I’m quite enjoying myself. It also really helps that I genuinely like the people I’m working with.

I bought a Halloween cookie cake for the boys.

Halloween Cookie Cake

Because they’re too old to go trick-or-treating and sometimes you just gotta stuff your face with fattening chocolate chips and gooey icing.

You know?

Guess who ate most of it.

No. Not me.

But I ate a(n) (un)healthy portion of it.

Shut up.

I’m totally taking a picture of my desk one night after everyone has left for the day (because I’m often one of the last people to leave at night – no kidding) so ya’ll can see where I’m working.

I know you’re curious.

Don’t even deny it.

Jazz’s car has a huge oil leak. Kevin said he drove it to work the other day and when he took off for lunch, there was a HUGE oil puddle underneath. He felt so bad about it that he poured kitty litter on it.

Looks like him and Dude will be making a trip to the garage tomorrow to get it fixed.

And no. I have totally dropped the ball on teaching Jazz how to drive. Why? Two reasons:

1. Jazz has been busy with band and hasn’t had time.

2. I haven’t had time to even THINK about it, let alone take him out.

And now? Daylight savings happens next week so we’ll have to drive in the dark.


A dress code reminder went out to everyone today. Apparently, there are certain people at work who are stepping out of the professional-looking sphere and have dropped somewhere in the too-casual sphere.

Not ME of course. Even if I wasn’t new, I would never show up to work wearing scrubs and crocs. Or crazy-looking shirts w/ scrub pants.

It just doesn’t look professional. And apparently, my company doesn’t think so either. Because instead of talking to the individuals who are no longer following the dress code, my company opts to send out a friendly “reminder” to everyone.

Don’t you just love office politics?

I came home to 20 emails yesterday and 12 emails today.

Yes. I’m still maintaining websites.

No. I don’t plan on giving that up any time soon.

Although a certain someone *cough*Kevin*cough* thinks I should.

But at least I don’t have to cook dinners anymore. Kevin has taken over that chore. He cooks. I clean up. And it’s a good thing. Because if my guys waited on me to cook them dinner after getting home from work, we’d be eating at 10:00 p.m.

No. I’m not kidding.

I will be 46 next Wednesday. (???!!!)

But I only feel about 26.

I look about 26, too.

Shut up.