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Oh Goody. Another Challenge


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So I’m trusting you can chair dance and read at the same time .. if not, then I can wait until you get your groove on to continue.

Ready? Let’s all chair dance together.

*busts a pretty cool move .. for a chair dancer*

I love Fridays, and not just for the obvious reason – THE WEEKEND. I love Fridays because they’re quiet at work and I get so much work done it’s not even funny.

In fact, I answered all but two voicemails (a new record, thank you very much), did three pre-certs, (which only puts me one day ahead, but whatever!), and caught up on some referrals that I figured out, too late, I did wrong and will have to clean up on Monday.


I finished the day feeling like I actually accomplished something and let me tell ya, it was a nice feeling.

It was an up-and-down week. I made a MAJOR goof on an order and it will likely result in the company eating a few hundred dollars so that someone can get paid. (Sorry. But that’s about as specific as I can get). I felt so bad!! But it was a freak thing and thankfully doesn’t happen very often so HOPEFULLY I’ll remember how to handle it the next go-around.

(And let the record show that I’m now sort of a joke at work. Because any odd or weird situation that comes up nearly always lands in MY lap. Oh well. I’m learning from each situation so I guess that’s the one bright spot).

And then, on Tuesday, I was working away when my boss comes up behind me and says,

“Karen? Do you have a few minutes?”

Well of course I said, “yes!” Because it’s my boss and I’m not stupid. Duh.

I follow her back into her office where she proceeds to shut the door.

And the office manager was in there, too.


I gave a nervous laugh. “What did I do this time?”

Because honestly. I’m new. I make mistakes. Plus, I figured if I owned up to whatever was wrong at the git-go, maybe I could soften the blow, you know?

I must have looked petrified because my boss laughed and reassured me that it wasn’t bad.

I’m thinking, “define bad,” but of course, I didn’t say that out loud.

I relaxed, but not much.

The gist of the meeting was to ask me this: Would I be interested in traveling to outlying clinics to help out?

Which seems like a weird question. But shortly after I started working there, I mentioned something about how it might be fun to work at the outlying clinics once in a while.

I said it mostly to show that I was team player. I never DREAMED they would take me up on it.

They took me up on it.

Be careful what you say when you’re a new employee, my friends. Just a little tip, there.

At any rate, I said it and I wasn’t going to back out now. Here’s the deal: once a month, our doctors work at clinics in surrounding towns to help the folks that live a distance away and can’t make it into town.

I know, right? How cool are our doctors?!?

A few of them go to Branson. A few more go to Harrison, Arkansas. One goes to Mountain Home and one goes to Rolla. The Branson and Harrison clinics are actually the closest to Springfield, so if I help with those clinics, I will likely drive myself. (And get mileage, of course). If I go to the other clinics, I would likely ride along in a car pool which *SQUEAL*, SMALL TALK, PEOPLE! With the doctors and nurses!!

I’m intimidated already.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. They want me to go to the Branson clinic coming up on November 16th to “get my feet wet.” So, I will get up at the crack of dawn and drive down to Branson so I can learn the ropes of working an outlying clinic. It’ll be cool, I think. I’ll get to do a little of everything. I’ll check patients in, take them to their examination rooms, and of course, schedule/check them out.

I’m nervous as hell, but excited, too. I’ll get to work with one of the two doctors I schedule for and this will give me an opportunity to get to know him and to learn his “style.” I also figure, this will make me a little more “valuable” within the company and hopefully build a little more job security, you know? Plus, this will give the people who always work the clinics one more person to rotate with.

I’m also terribly flattered that they asked me to do this so soon after starting. They must think I’m doing an okay job for them to ask me to do something like this. My boss did say that I was “a little sponge” when it came to my work, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

So. That was the big highlight of my week. The doctors only work outlying clinics once a month, but there are several doctors who work those outlying clinics so I could potentially be doing a lot of traveling. Which I’m okay with, actually. It’ll break up the monotony of the every day and I’ll get to know the staff a lot better.

Have I mentioned that I am really enjoying my job?

Because I just don’t feel like I’ve said that enough.