2011 Year-in-Review

Here is a pictorial walk through our 2011 …


Stomach Staples

I know. What a way to start this off … but this is how I started 2011 – with staples in my stomach. I spent last Christmas in the hospital getting three feet of my intestine cut out of me. My large intestine was so knotted up that I couldn’t, erm, pass anything and it got so bad that I ended up looking six months pregnant and feeling like I was going to literally explode from the pressure. And even though life has gotten back to normal for me, *ahem*, I now have a permanent poochy belly. It’s not as bad as it was right after my surgery, but it’s still there. I’m going to work on getting rid of it now that I’m feeling the urge to get back into shape.


Kevin moved into his own office. It was a rocky start, but things are ironing out and his business is picking up and he’s never been happier.

Which makes ME happy. 🙂


I put my resume together and started hunting for jobs. Being a webmaster is great, and I’m still doing that job, but I was craving something more …


Seven Inches of Snow - 2-2-11

Seven inches of snow!!


Kevin and I finally agreed to plan our Disney vacation.


Kevin’s business is “official!”

MSU Jazz Festival - 2-26-11

Jazz’s first “official” jazz concert/competition.



Kevin steams his mother’s wedding dress in preparation for their 50th wedding anniversary party. (Which was a smash hit, by the way).


Jazz turns 16!



I ordered a book of Kevin’s motorcycle accident through CaringBridge.


Ordered Dude’s graduation announcements.

New Haircut - April 16, 2011

Got my hair chopped off. (Which I think I’m going to grow back out again).

Space for Back Patio - 4/17/2011

Kevin dug out the space for our patio.



Kevin begins building our pergola.



Me and Kev

Kevin and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary!!

Graduation Cake

Dude’s graduation party

Pergola - 5-30-11

We finish our pergola.


Toe Surgery - 6-13-11

Jazz has both of his toenails removed because they got infected. (While he went to summer school. And had to take a PE class. It was NOT fun, for anyone).

Box O' Tapes

I spent the month digitizing old home movies.



4th of July!


Jazz gets his driver’s permit!


We buy a car for Jazz to learn to drive in.

Family Shot - Epcot

We went to Disney World! (The boys were not impressed).


We cruise to the Bahamas.


New iComfort Mattress

We FINALLY bought a new mattress! (It’s an iComfort and it is awesome!)

First Day of School 2011

Jazz starts Junior year.


Taking Down the Ramp

Kevin finally takes the handicap ramp off.


We buy our outdoor fireplace.


I start my new job!!



We spend the entire month chasing Jazz’s marching band around the country.

Halloween Cookie Cake



Kevin turns 50!


We go to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.




Christmas Parade 2011

Jazz is in the Christmas parade.

Christmas at Mom and Dads 2011


GOODBYE 2011!!!

Christmas at Mom and Dads 2011

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Christmas 2011 – His Family

I’m busy getting my house back in order (the Christmas tree is nearly gone … *sad face*) and I took advantage of my “alone” time to make another audio post. Dude and Jazz are hanging out with their cousins (hopefully they’re coming home soon. I’m not telling them what time to come home … they can make that decision on their own) and Kevin is outside taking down our outside lights. (It’s 60 degrees today, ya’ll! What?! This time of year?? Exactly).

Anyway. I hope these audio posts aren’t too annoying. I like doing them because they’re easy and fast and well … that about sums me up.

I’m thinking that came out wrong?


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Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

Christmas at Maxwell's 2011

At the Moment

Quick Thoughts …

I had to sleep sitting up in a recliner last night. My sinuses hate this yo-yo weather. It’s supposed to be sunny and close to 60 degrees today, OVER 60 degrees tomorrow.

I guarantee it will be back in the 20’s next week. Such is our Missouri weather.

I’m so glad today is Friday. Why are short weeks SO LOOOOONG?!?

There is a lot of drama at my job. Not from patients, doctors or nurses, but from the people I work the most closely with. I was prepared for this, for what can you expect from an office full of women?

Still. It reinforces the reason why I have never had a lot of female friends over the years – I just don’t have the patience required to deal with it.

The shine is starting to wear off this new job. I still like doing it, but it’s A LOT of work for the small amount I’m making every hour. Still. There are the benefits and I suppose if we’re all honest with each other, that’s basically what we’re working for nowadays.

I’m starting to get sick of our Christmas tree. Yes. It’s still up. But it’s coming down tomorrow. I HAVE to get this house cleaned – I’ve had so little energy this week. And we HAVE to start seriously thinking about this new construction project that is coming very soon.

Oh right. I’ve never told you guys about that. I will. Patience, my friends.

Enjoy your day. I’m looking forward to 5 o’clock.

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: Living From the Heart of God

by John Schoenheit
The Church Epistles clearly state that Christians are not under the Law, and that salvation is obtained by faith in Jesus Christ, not by keeping the Law. Yet anyone who diligently reads the Church Epistles will see that some of the Ten Commandments are quoted in the Church Epistles, many of the same commands God gave in the Law are stated in some form in the Epistles, and even most of the points Jesus made in the Sermon on the Mount are also made in the Epistles. If Christians are not under the Law, why does so much of the Law seem to be repeated in the Epistles?

This teaching shows that even though salvation is not obtained by keeping the Law, the Law is holy, just, and good (Rom. 7:12). The Law contains God’s wisdom and heart for mankind, and some of it does apply to us today. Many of God’s commands in the Law help us live lives that are pleasing to God and free from the bondage of sin. Furthermore, they will position us to be richly rewarded in the coming Kingdom of God on earth.

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From Our Family to Yours …

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(Glee “Last Christmas”)

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(Glee “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”)

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(Glee “O Christmas Tree”)

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(Glee “Jingle Bells”)

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(Glee “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch “)

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(Glee “Angels We Have Heard on High”)


Don’t Do This to Your Kids … It’s Really Not Funny

Hey man, I can take a joke. I can dish it, and I can take it. But honestly? I don’t think this video is very funny … at all.

I’ve never understood the America’s Funniest Videos concept – what’s so funny about people wracking themselves in the privates or getting hurt in any way? I’ve never seen the humor in it. Sure. The people in the videos made stupid, unwise choices, but how is watching them suffer (literally) the consequences even remotely funny?

I think that sort of humor crosses the line, if you want my opinion.

I mean. I think the above video would have been funnier if the kids were older. They would have UNDERSTOOD it was a joke from the very beginning. But these little kids? Aren’t emotionally mature enough – to them, the Christmas magic has been destroyed. And I’m betting they remember that “joke” for the rest of their lives. They may laugh about it later, but I’m betting they also look back on that time period with sadness …

The day Christmas morning lost a little bit of it’s magic.

What’s the point? Other than watching the kids crumble with disappointment? Where’s the humor in that? I think people who think this is funny are a bit warped, if you want my God’s honest opinion. I think it’s cruel. Adults? Sure. Have a laugh. Grade-school kids? No.

Sorry. I don’t mean to be all Scroogie on Christmas Eve, but I just don’t see the humor behind emotionally scarring kids for life.

Anyway …

I’m waiting on a bathroom to free up so that I can finish making myself presentable to the world. Then I’m going to run up to The Great American Cookie Company and pick up the Santa cookie I ordered for the boys to munch on tomorrow. Shh.

Then. We will all be heading out to Kevin’s folks’ house to spend the afternoon eating and playing games.

I have so much to share with you all. I still need to talk about last weekend with my family. My thoughts on some crazy political stuff. AND, I haven’t forgotten about the “mysterious” project we will be working on after Christmas is over.

As usual, I’ve been busy at work. I can’t even apologize anymore for not writing more – it’s the same tired argument. Just know when I’m absent from this blog? I’m working my ass off and too tired to talk about it later.

We didn’t have any doctors yesterday. I LOVE THOSE DAYS. It gives me a chance to get caught up. And I did. I got ALL my voicemails returned AND ALL my nurses’ flags taken care of. I rock, ya’ll. Course, I still have a pending stack about three inches deep … BUT STILL …

One of my co-workers is taking a few days off after Christmas and I’m going to try very hard to make sure all of her voicemails are caught up for her when she gets back. One, because it’s my job to help take up the slack when someone is gone and Two, I honestly want to help this girl because she is SUPER sweet and has bent over backwards to help me these past months.

I got a voicemail yesterday from a woman to tell me her husband had died. I had worked really hard to get several tests approved for him through his insurance company, but we were too late. It broke my heart and I cried. I had just talked to him the week before. He was such a nice guy. And now … he’s gone.

I think I might be too soft hearted for this job. I love it but UGH … it’s hard on the heart strings.

Jazz is out of the bathroom. I need to get going – I’m already running late.

I’ll write more later.