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Would You Believe This is an Actual Product?

Well. It is.

It just seems so … silly, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s silly in how it’s depicted in this ad.

I used to be VEHEMENTLY opposed to anyone releasing gas around me. It grossed me out. Actually, it still grosses me out. But after having a colon restructure and having three feet of my large intestine cut out so that I could comfortably go to the restroom AND pass gas, I have to say – WHATEVER IT TAKES, MAN.

Because though it’s gross and smelly to be around someone who passes gas (and some people simply can’t control it), it’s a necessary bodily function that if NOT done can actually cause harm to someone.

I know. I’m living proof of that. (Though I have no idea if the twist in my intestine was caused by my holding back my gas, it probably didn’t help matters).

So. This product may seem silly, even stupid, to some. I totally get that. But get this: SOME people might actually find relief using products like these because sometimes living a healthy life is not always easy, or nice smelling.