My Man Child

I have a man child.

This “man” is my oldest son.

I gave birth to him nearly 19 years ago (this coming Friday, in fact!!).

He graduated from high school this past May.

And little by little, he is opening up to the world around him.

Day by day, he gets more and more used to doing things on his own – without momma around to hold his hand.

Because momma is working her tail off at her new job … and doing a damn fine job, I might add.


Even though I’m frustrated that we’re having to push this man child every step of the way, I’m encouraged by his growing confidence and the fact that he’s starting to take the initiative.

We’ve allowed the boy to take some months off to enjoy his new-found freedom after graduation. But we have always told him that he would need to start taking classes in the spring no matter what happened on the job front. (And there is nothing happening on the job front, I might add. But I’m not surprised given our crappy economy and how unemployment is in the low 20 percentile for people Dude’s age, and which will NOT improve until we vote Obama out of office – just sayin’).

But now. Now it’s time to get serious. It’s time to enroll.

Kevin has been AWESOME in making sure Dude is following through. Dude obtained his ACT scores and actually went up to his high school, by himself, to get an “official” transcript to give to the technical school he is applying to.

And he’s been accepted.

Enrollment opens this coming Thursday – the day before his birthday. He called the school today and he is to report to some orientation thingie and after that, he can enroll in his classes.

He plans on taking three classes. I’m not sure what days he will decide on, but that will keep him busy enough. We won’t be totally satisfied until he’s both working AND going to school.

Welcome to the real world, right?

He’s following a Computer Information Science tract (you can’t be surprised by this news). And if he follows the plan, he’ll have an Associates Degree in about three years – if he stays part time.

I’m hoping he will eventually transfer to MSU in order to take more challenging computer classes, but it’s his decision – we’re just along for the ride.

Kevin is taking Thursday afternoon off to make sure Dude actually shows up for his orientation thingie. Because Dude is the sort of kid that needs that push and by golly, we’re pushing him every step of the way.

And because we love him too much NOT to.


2011 Band Pictures are Available

I’m trying to decide which pictures to buy of Jazz … takes pictures at the band competitions every year. And every year, I buy a few because HELLO! It’s my kid. I think they did a really good job capturing Jazz this season. Then again, Jazz was up front most of the time so he was pretty much in their face the whole show.

I’m leaning towards 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7.

I’d like to buy all five photos but wow, that could get expensive.

AND, I want to buy a group picture, too.

Extra curricular activities are hard on the pocketbook.