So Much Pain. Donating to a Political Campaign. We’re Going to See Who in Concert?

You... Living beside Me

It’s like I sit down to write something and then think, “Eh. I’m too tired to deal with it.” And then I see that more people actually come to read my silly blog when I DON’T write and I think, “See? Absence really DOES make the heart grow fonder.”

I can’t believe I didn’t write anything this past week. But rest assured, Internet, I’m getting used to this new pace and I will do better.


It makes me sad just how many people are in pain.

I have to deal with a lot of people in my job. And given the nature of my job, I deal with a lot of people who are in a lot of pain.

It hurts me to talk to them sometimes. Some of them even break down and cry when I talk to them because I, or my doctors, simply can’t do anything for them.

It’s sad and humbling at the same time.

It also makes me very thankful that I’m healthy. My family is healthy. And that we have health insurance. Some people are self-pay and they have to work out a payment plan before they can be treated.

One woman just broke my heart this past week. I went above and beyond the call of duty to help her and was able to plead her case to get her in sooner to see the doctor. I’m not telling you this to pat myself on the back but because it was the right thing to do. Because I’m compassionate and helping people is THE reason I decided to bite the bullet and dive head first into the health care field.

And I’ll tell you something else – I now have a bird’s eye view of what all of the health care insurance hoopla is about and I’m telling you RIGHT NOW, ObamaCare is not going to work. In fact, it’s going to hurt a lot of people. And though I understand that ObamaCare was well intended (well, sort of), it’s actually going to be counter-productive. Because doctors didn’t go to med-school and willingly put themselves in debt, or in a high-stress profession, simply to do the work for free. They want to be paid. They deserve to be paid for their time and talents. And though I won’t argue that our health care does indeed need a complete restructure, it does NOT need what Obama just crammed down our throats.

I’m telling you now – mark my words – if we don’t repeal this disastrous law and replace it with something that is reasonable and fair to everyone, there are going to be A LOT of people who won’t get the health care attention they need and deserve.

It’s a convoluted mess and we need some realistic, steel-spined individuals in there who will not be afraid to make the changes that we HAVE to make in order to save our health care system.

I’m now in the thick of this health-care mess – it’s not pretty, friends.!/writefromkaren/status/135460826063708160

Kevin forwarded me an email this week. It was a receipt and a thank you note for donating to Herman Cain’s campaign.

That’s right – we donated money to Herman Cain’s campaign.

Do I like Herman Cain? I do. And mainly because he’s not afraid to stand up to the Republican “establishment” and say what we’re all thinking. He’s got cajónes – and we need someone in the White House with cajónes.

That’s right, I said it.

Is he my favorite out of all the Republican candidates? Right now, yes. But I still wish we had someone like Cain but with more political experience. And the fact that he scares our media enough for them to viciously attack him and throw all sorts of crazy allegations at him is enough to get my attention. Because if the media doesn’t like him, then he must be a threat. And that’s pretty much good enough for me.!/writefromkaren/status/135459033279758336

I didn’t tell anyone at work it was my birthday. Not even after Kevin’s attempts to force my hand by having flowers delivered to my cubby hole.

(I just told people that my husband is awesome and sent them “for no reason.” Yes. I’m a stinker).

It was a quiet, and unassuming, day – just like me. (Stop laughing).

Though my co-workers sort of figured it out after the fact and one gal brought homemade red velvet cupcakes to celebrate on Friday. (*DROOL*)

I was supposed to get the flowers before noon and with a big “Happy Birthday” balloon, but the flowers came about 2:00 and they didn’t include a balloon.

Kevin was pretty ticked off. (He complained, by the way. Because if you’re going to pay extra for the extras you should get the extras, right?)

My birthday has never really been a big deal to me. I mean, it’s nice to have people acknowledge the day, but I would honestly prefer if they wished me happy birthday and be done with it.

I know it sounds strange, coming from me, but I really feel uncomfortable being the center of attention. (Stop laughing).

I had to stay after work and return a few phone calls. (I’m always about ten phone calls behind – I’m getting used to it, actually). I didn’t get home until 5:30. My folks were already here and waiting for me and they gave me a Bath and Body Works gift card (SCORE) and my mom made me a beautiful neck warmer. (I would model it, but I’m looking a little rough right now and I’ll spare you the horror. You’re welcome).

I had put a pot roast on earlier in the day and we had hot roast beef sandwiches with The Pioneer Woman’s DELICIOUS mashed potatoes. (Seriously. I could LIVE off those potatoes alone). We didn’t go out to eat because I hate going out to eat. By the time we get through the meal, it’s two hours later and we’re about $100 poorer. It’s such a waste, in my opinion. We stayed home. Relaxed. And saved moocho bucks.

I was a happy girl.

Kevin DID surprise me with a gift, though. Four tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra!!!!!! Which is TONIGHT, by the way!! I’m beyond excited. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and we’re all really looking forward to seeing their show. Hopefully, I can sneak a little video to show you later.

I’m not making promises.

We finally got Jazz’s car back from the mechanic’s yesterday. It had been leaking a lot of oil. Apparently, not only was the oil thingie rusted through, but there was a lot of thingies rusted through and they had to replace them.

We’re now $600 dollars poorer. OUCH. However, there is a bright spot in this story – the mechanic said that after fixing this? It’s actually a pretty solid little car so hopefully we won’t have to pay for any more “fixes” for quite a while.

It’s STILL worth not having him learn to drive in my car.

We dropped Jazz’s saxophone off at the music store to have it cleaned the other day. They called to say that there was so much gunk built up that they were going to have to take it apart and soak it in a chemical bath before putting it back together again.

I braced myself to hear how much that was going to cost – but luckily, it was much cheaper than we thought it would be. I’m looking forward to getting it back – it’s going to look brand new. AND, we’ll make sure that Jazz keeps up with his maintenance duties in the future.!/writefromkaren/status/135459119250423809


An Outstanding Display of American Creativity and Pride

How freaking cool is this marching band?!?

Did you watch the formations? My favorite is the moving tank … though I don’t know, that sinking submarine was pretty impressive, too.

Don’t EVER be ashamed to be proud of our military men/women. And don’t EVER let anyone take away the rights our military have fought SO HARD to win for us.

Stop being a spineless jelly fish and stand up to these socialist movements.


We are America and we are proud.

Get over it.