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OMG. I’m So Boring. All I Ever Do is Work, Eat and Sleep – Not Necessarily in That Order

I’m tired.

But what else is new.

I’m going to Harrison on Friday.

As in Arkansas.

I know you’re silently screaming FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KAREN, WHY?!?!

I’ll answer that silent scream with, “Because I opened my big, fat mouth and volunteered to learn outlying clinics and *POOF* they took me up on it and now I HAVE TO TRAVEL WITH PERFECT STRANGERS AND REALLY SMART DOCTORS.”

God help me.


We spent three hours with a contractor last night.

We are very excited.

But I’m too tired to go into details … yet.

Soon, my pretties, soon.

I just spent thirty minutes proof reading Jazz’s Volcano brochure. Even though I had to pinch myself to stay awake three times. I also uploaded it to Kinko’s so they could print it out – we’ll pick it up tomorrow after dinner.

I’m making Jazz drive over there.

He doesn’t know that part.

Remind me to tell you about yesterday … when Jazz nearly ran a kid over in the school parking lot driving himself to school.

I’m totally not kidding.

I’m such a tease, aren’t I.

Soon, my pretties, soon

Are you taking time out of your busy schedules to take a breath, appreciate the season and listen to some good old fashioned Christmas music?

Well, WHY NOT?!?

Do it now.

Or I will go all Grinch-y on you.

Also. Where did November go!?!

(Click the blue arrow to play)
(Michael Buble “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”)

(This isn’t exactly “old-fashion” Christmas music, but whatev).

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: The Birth of Christ

by John Schoenheit
The Christmas story about the birth of our Savior is deeply embedded in people’s minds, and supported by years of teachings, songs, pictures, “living manger scenes,” and so forth. Tradition teaches us that Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem the night she gave birth, only to find that the local inn was full and no one in the village had room for them. So they found a place of shelter in a local stable and Mary gave birth alone and unsupported, except by her husband and some barn animals.

In this teaching, John Schoenheit gives a much more accurate account of the birth of Christ, one supported both by Scripture and biblical custom. Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem a number of days before the birth of Jesus, and were taken into the home of a local family whose guestroom was full. The family brought the couple into their own living quarters, and Mary gave birth in the house of a loving family, with support from the women of the family and likely even the village midwife, just as any woman in that culture would have done. Understanding the Christmas story this way is not only biblically accurate, but shows a lot more of the “Christmas spirit” than does a village that would not open their homes or their hearts to a couple in need.

Click the arrow to listen.

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