2011 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert Review

Kevin surprised me with Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets for my birthday.

We went to see them last night.


Because we’re cheap, he bought four, (yes, the boys went with us), cheap tickets. The concert was at JQH Arena and we ended up sitting in section OO, row 12.

Just three rows DOWN from the very top.

I.E. – nose bleed section.

I’m not complaining, mind you. I would rather sit in the nose bleed section than spend another $80.00 for a better seat. But it was SO far up that I actually experienced a mild case of vertigo.

I had to close my eyes a few times to reorient myself.

Our seats were on a 45 degree angle and it was really spooky to look down because it was practically a sheer drop down to the landing below. I’ve never sat in seats in a stadium quite like that before. I worried that Dude would be completely freaked out because he HATES heights, but he actually did better than I did. I downplayed my reaction to keep the boys from being spooked, but I’m telling you guys, I WAS A LITTLE FREAKED OUT.

Before the show began, local radio show disc jockeys came out to present a check to the Victory Mission, which is a local charity for the poor. Apparently, one dollar from each ticket went toward their charity, which I thought was uber cool, and they ended up presenting them with a check for about $4,800.

The show began.

A man came out to begin the “story.” The first half of the show consisted of this story with breaks for them to play their awesome music. The light show was pretty spectacular, too.


Because we were sitting so high up, we were really in the ideal spots for the light shows because they were both below and above us. The lights were so intense at times that I again had to shut my eyes to re-orient myself.

*Side note: If you’re prone to seizures, I would NOT go to these shows. Seriously.

I video taped segments of a few of the songs. This gives you an idea of what the show was like.

We thought the show was finished when the story finished – not so.

In fact, the show took a rather bizarre turn after the story – they started playing some pretty hard stuff complete with dragon eyes and jaws. It was weird because the first half of the show was about the beauty of Christmas and the second half was like we had descended into hell.

I don’t know if the group was trying to show us that they could play more than just the Christmas classics we’ve come to know and love so much, or what. But it was sort of uncomfortable, if you want the truth.

In fact, some people actually left.

Again. This type of music was pretty awesome as well. Different. But awesome, nonetheless. It was just a weird switch to what we had been listening to. And just when we thought the show was going to wrap up – it didn’t.

In fact, we all sighed with relief when it was FINALLY over.

The show lasted 2 1/2 hours.

Which was about an hour too long, in my opinion. They should have just ended it after the Christmas story was over – but they continued to play for another hour and a half.

Then, toward the end of the show, it was like they had suddenly remembered why we had all come to see them and played a few more of their Christmas classics for us.

And each song went on FOR-EVAH.

And though the lights were freaking awesome, after a while? They too became a little annoying.

The whole concert was too much of a good thing, I think.

I know they wanted everyone to feel like they got their money’s worth, and I do feel that way, honestly, but wow. It just went on forever.

Overall. It was a very good concert. There is NO disputing how talented this group of musicians are. And the female singer was so good I actually got goosebumps. But it just lasted too long for me and I found myself wishing it would just get over with at the two hour mark.

It’s worth the money and the experience, just prepare to sit for a while.