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We Have a Golfer in Our Family?

In an effort to get Dude out in public more (he’s an introverted sort of personality and though he’s getting better, we’re still pretty vigilant in making sure he doesn’t spend anymore time in his room than absolutely necessary), Kevin has been taking him various places on lunch break.

(Dude goes to Kevin’s office every day. He works on his programs up there, helps Kevin out with odd jobs and Kevin even has him doing janitorial work. BONUS).

One day, Kevin took Dude to the driving range. There’s one just down the street from Kevin’s office. He took a video of Dude on his phone hitting some balls.

He had nothing but good things to say about his efforts. Considering the boy has never hit golf balls outside of a putt-putt course, we thought he did pretty well.

We’re working really hard to help build Dude’s confidence. The kid has no confidence. ZERO. NONE. I blame myself. I think I “broke” his spirit by being too strict with him growing up, if you want the truth. Now, we’re trying to repair the damage by exposing him to all sorts of experiences to help him find his “niche.”

Life can’t happen unless we MAKE it happen, right?