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Our Oldest Son’s First Birthday, (Almost) Twenty Years Ago!

Shh … listen. Did you hear the camera go off? And then the person wind the film forward?

Remember the cameras that actually took 35 mm film??

We’ve come a long way, baby.

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Because There Are Not Enough Videos of Babies Walking Backward on the Internet

Know what I love about this video? Aside from the fact that it’s my firstborn learning to propel himself backward?

The sheer JOY on Dude’s face. I LOVE watching babies’ expressions – it’s like they have so much joy and wonder bottled up inside them they can barely contain it – it just seems to explode out of them.

Also? The whole “da da” thing? ANNOYING. Sorry about that. *sigh*

(Click the blue arrow to play)
(Glee “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”)