Kitchen Saga

Kitchen Saga: Taking Up Back Boards / Delivery!

Here’s Kevin scoring the screws …

Scoring the Screws

… so the boys can get them out.

Kid Labor

And shortly after I taped this video, our cabinets arrived!!!!


Our cabinet guy called, he’s going to come by in the morning and start tearing out our cabinets, which means, now it’s time for my job – emptying out the cabinets.

Everything is moving fast!

Cabinets Have Arrived!

We’ve talked about doing this for so long, I can’t believe it’s actually happening!!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Saga: Taking Up Back Boards / Delivery!”

  1. Actually, I AM excited! My heart actually started pounding when the semi-truck pulled up yesterday.

    But I’ll be even MORE excited when I get this damn dust under control! AARGH!

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