Project 365

Project 365 – The Beginning

Project 365 - 1-08-09

Okay, I’m doing it. I’m going to participate in Project 365 because remember I said one of my resolutions this year was to take more pictures?

Well, you can’t beat taking one picture every day.

However, I don’t plan on posting these photos to my blog every day – I think that might get old fast. So, I’m going to post an update every Thursday because the year started on Thursday and it actually ends on a Thursday.

If you would like to keep up with my daily pictures, you can subscribe to the Flickr RSS feed here. Otherwise, check back here Thursday for a photo collage.

I’ll shut up now and present this week’s Project 365 pictures along with a short explanation (which is really for me because by the time the end of the year rolls around I’ll be all like, “What the heck? Why did I take a picture of that?”)

Mosiac Jan 1 - 4

1. My goofball husband has a photography light/globe whatever on his head. I bought him a set of professional photography lights for Christmas and he was showing his enthusiasm. 🙂

2. January 3rd, we had over 60 degree weather. In January?! How unusual. (But not because of Global Warming! It’s because weather is cyclical! We’ve had 60 degree Januarys before). So, we thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and go to the Nature Trail. This is me, awkwardly posing and wondering if anyone can see my poochy belly behind my sweatshirt. No? Score!

3. MK pausing while playing the Wii to smile for me. I like this picture because his eyes look so cool. Normally, they’re blue. But that day, they were a light gray. Click here for a closeup.

4. MK again. He’s very busy (and very frustrated) building one of those huge Bioncle gun/space ship looking things (it’s a boy thing). He finally finished it. I’ll take a picture of that soon.

Mosiac Jan 5 - 8

5. My nephew, M, and his uber-cool fedora. The same one that has the boys salivating all over themselves for. In fact, I mentioned they were on the lookout for one. We’ve been unsuccessful thus far.

6. The Bookmooch package I put together for a gal that requested three of my books. Woot! Three less books in my book storage container thingie, three more points for me, three cool books for her!

7. FINALLY! A good hair day!!!! What, you don’t think that warrants all of the exclamation marks! Are you kidding me?! My good hair days are so far and few between I SAVOR them when they happen. Actually, I’m toying with the idea of taking a photo of myself once a week and then stitching all of the photos together to make a slide show and laugh over at how much I’ve aged at the end the year.

8. I’m walking the son. HA! There’s a story behind this photo. Stay tuned for the blog entry coming to your computer very soon.

I’m having WAY too much fun with this Project 365, er, project. Of course, it’s only been a week. Ask me how much fun I’m having in say, July.

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  1. You are a BRAVE woman to take this on, though I do think it would be very cool to do. I’ll be interested to see if each week will show someone with something on their head!

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