Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – 2009 Anti-Resolutions/Goals

happynewyearclock Update: What happened to the Thursday Thirteen hub? Are they quitting or have they just not renewed their web lease?

Because I’m kind of a stinker and I like to do things differently at WFK, I thought I would list 13 things I resolve NOT to do in 2009. Followed of course, by a more serious, doable list. *grin*

By the by, I did not come up with the anti-resolutions idea. That credit would lie with my good friend Dale. He posted his for this year and of course, I’m simply not original enough to think of these things on my own.

Sad, isn’t it.

1. I will not glare at my gluttonous, lazy, sloppy neighbors (as much)

2. I will not forsake my beloved blogs to work on paying gigs.

3. I will not volunteer my life away (as much).

4. I will not tell people the truth (even if it kills me).

5. I will not stop eating chocolate (even though chocolate hates me).

6. I will not stop obsessing over the size of my butt.

7. I will not stop obsessing about submitting my writing.

8. I will not consider my computer my best friend (as often).

9. I will not promise to stop cursing stupid, inconsiderate people.

10. I will not turn into a she-devil every time I’m asked “When was the last time you exercised?”

11. I will not stop riding my oldest son’s butt about his appearance/personality/moodiness/lack of interests.

12. I will not stop drinking Starbucks coffee even though I could save a pile of time and cash doing so.

13. I will not, for one moment, even think about turning this blog into something entertaining.


Okay, let’s get serious for a moment and list the things I really would like to accomplish in 2009.

My goals (because calling them resolutions just seems to set them up to fail in my book) are:

1. Spend more time with my family. Though we spend a lot of time now, I’m talking about the time spent AWAY from the computer/games and outside – going for bike rides, hikes and on another awesome family vacation (because we’ve had some REALLY good vacations).

2. Plan on taking the family to Disney World in August for vacation. The boys are not excited about this venture, but that’s because they don’t fully “get” Disney World and think it’s just for little kids. Oh contrare. We will go and we will have a blast.

3. Continue to exercise. Notice I didn’t say lose weight – too much pressure. I will continue to exercise thereby making my clothes fit better and as a result I will look and feel better. What more could I ask for?

4. Conquer my digestive problems. Yes, this will probably mean I’ll have to go see a doctor. *sigh* After dealing with painful/bloating cycle for two years I’m ready to throw in the white towel.

5. Chew my food better. I know this sounds silly, but honestly, eating is simply a means to an end for me. I don’t enjoy any part of it. I eat to exist. As a result, I virtually swallow my food whole. Which could account for a large part of why I’m having digestive problems.

6. Let go of my boys. This is so hard for me because I’m a control freak. They are getting older. They NEED to make their own decisions and yes, their own mistakes. MK will start high school this coming Fall. Good lord, just writing that makes my heart hurt. I have a feeling this will be a big growth year for both boys – and not just the physical kind.

7. Pimp myself out. I don’t do any sort of advertising for my web design work – mainly because I’m painfully shy (there’s a reason WHY I prefer to work behind a computer monitor). It’s all been word-of-mouth at this point. I will get my professional site back up and running and I will focus on drumming up more clients and more money this year.

8. Adult interaction. That said, I really do need adult interaction. I work from home; I’m a homebody. I never leave my home, and some days, it really gets me down. I get so lonely and just a bit depressed. I’m seriously thinking of getting a part-time job just so I can get out and be around other adults. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a friend.

9. Focus on getting my writing noticed. Seriously. What am I waiting for? Death? I am really going to concentrate on treating my writing as another job and submit some work this year. I have places I want to submit. I have ideas for stories. I even have a ton of work I could polish up and do something with. I just lack the discipline to WORK on any of it.

10. Take more pictures. I adore photography but I lack the patience to really train myself to SEE the possibilities around me. I really want to take pictures everyday, of all things mundane and definitely more portraits of my family.

11. Do a better job of responding to comments here as well as leaving comments on the blogs I follow in my Google Reader (which is at about 50 now). I read all of these blogs on a daily basis but I rarely comment. I would like to do a better job at corresponding with the blog-o-sphere.

I think that’s about it. Lofty goals. I’ll check back at the end of 2009 and see how I did.

Happy New Year, everyone!

(New blog design coming shortly).

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random stuff

Four Short Years Ago …

… I began blogging. I started on Blogspot, discovered and set up my own web space and finally moved to when my web host started giving me headaches.

And just think, you thought it wouldn’t last. *grin*

Write From Karen's 4th Blog Birthday

As of this date, here are my blogging stats:

Published 537 articles (though it’ll probably be more by the time I post this entry).

I have nine posts scheduled.

I have 42 drafts saved for future posts (that probably won’t end up being used because I always forget I HAVE drafts saved – I’m really quite pathetic).

Now keep in mind? I’ve only had this blog since May 2008. Go ahead, check my archives – I’m not lying. So, I’ve posted over 500 articles in six months.

If only I could be that productive in my REAL writing. (Which I could be, I just choose not to be because I’m scared of failing – or succeeding – and I’m too lazy to actually drum up the discipline necessary to Git ‘R Done).

In summary? I post. A lot. Because it’s who I am. Because I have a lot to say. Because I’m impulsive. Because I don’t know how or when to shut up.

Here’s to many, many more blogging years.

You poor readers, you. 😀