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Blogger’s Best Carnival – January 2009



Stop. Where are you going? Just because you see all of these links on this page doesn’t mean you should just quietly back out and disappear out of the blog door. These links are GREAT! They’re yummy and quite satisfying and this is about sharing some wonderful bloggie goodness with you because I love you guys and I know, if you will just take a load off this fine Saturday, with your favorite beverage close at hand, and click through these links, it will make your day and you’ll leave your computer with a smile on your face.

Won’t that make your significant other wonder what you’ve been up to. *wink*

Seriously, welcome to the first Blogger’s Best Carnival. This is ALL about you guys so sit down and browse – it’s Saturday, it’s okay to be lazy. *grin*


ø Vanessa Wolf presents At least I’m not that guy posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland.

ø Praveen presents “See, Santa Also Likes Coke!” posted at My Simple Trading System.

ø Rational Anarchist presents Ordeal in Space posted at The Rational Anarchist, saying, “To paraphrase FDR, the only thing we have to fear is not understanding the fear we have.”

ø Morgan Weihing presents Revving Back Up posted at And Then One Day.

ø Devon Coles presents How I became an axe murderess . . . posted at Pen, Ink. Life’s little vicissitudes . . ., saying, “I blog about the forces of change beyond our control – and managing these little vicissitudes in positive ways. This piece is about renewing a driver’s license, and how changes in the process resulted in some surprising outcomes.”

ø Kathryn presents On Being a Straight Girl in San Francisco posted at San Francisco is Sexy, saying, “Thoughts on how the way I define myself as a resident of San Francisco differs from how I defined myself when living other places.”

ø Anita Bern presents This year everything is going to be different… really! posted at Social anxiety disorder.

ø PennyLane presents Pouring Your Heart Out To A Stranger posted at Marmalade Skies.

ø JHS presents I Heard the “D” Word on Christmas Day (Part One) posted at Colloquium, saying, “A two-part essay about the loss of a place and potential for reclaiming it — with the knowledge that it has changed dramatically during the time that you were away”

ø Amanda presents The Best Stranded-By-The-Airlines Experience Ever posted at Yield To Pedestrian: All the Cool, All the Time, saying, “Thanks for putting this together. I hope this story is entertaining for you!”.

ø Luci Weston presents Not Today…A Quote For All Seasons and All Women posted at Here We Are…with Luci, saying, “I placed this entry under “life” instead of “children” because it is a lesson for women.” (Editor’s note: Thanks Luci!)

ø Scott Moore presents My First Cycle Class posted at That’s my job, that’s what I do…., saying, “This submission actually isn’t about my daughter, but I am sticking with your rules and only submitting from this past month. My workplace held a Biggest Loser type contest where the winner took home $675. I took a cycle class in effort to pull out the win. The link is my thoughts on that class.”
(Editor’s note: Scott, you can use any blog entry you choose, recent, or in your archives.)


ø Josanne Anthony presents Sweet Revenge!!! posted at A Chocolate Bouquet, saying, “country life at it’s best!” (Editor’s Note: LOL)


ø don reding presents Back To The Future posted at Red Dog’s Personals.

ø Oregon Sunshine presents Alaska Stories, Moose Droppings Alaskan Style « Oregon Sunshine posted at Oregon Sunshine.

ø Broderick Allen presents One Day I’ll posted at Broderick Allen – Personal Growth and Enjoying Life’s Journey.

ø Lazy Housewife presents So Not Domestic: Letter to Santa posted at So Not Domestic.

ø Jenn presents An Unexpected Independence Day Celebration posted at Mixed, saying, “My best short story of 2008.”

ø Nandita presents Defined by Blood posted at Cold SnapDragon. (Editor’s note: Profound and disturbing, but wow).

ø Ms. Cheevious presents Brand Spanking New … Year posted at Ms. Cheevious, saying, “Think about it. If someone had intervened – and made a statement of protest – when a little Serbian company (called Zastava) decided it wanted to make cars, and then chose the name Yugo, perhaps they would have come up with an altogether better name – something really cool like Autobahn, or Millennium Cars.”


ø Kakie presents What’s the best thing that happened to you today? posted at Bur Bur & Friends: Community Park, saying, “Sometimes the best parts of life come in the smallest moments and give us appreciation beyond our expectations.”

ø Lisa presents My Baby: These Legs Are Made For Walking… posted at Let’s Talk Babies.

ø Roxane a.k.a Momo-Mama presents Mom, what’s a Sex Shop? posted at Momo-Mama, saying, “Reader beware…if you are against sex education, don’t believe in talking openly with your children or are sexually repressed in any way…read no further!”


ø Shawnee Rivers presents Spare Me posted at Kinsanity – Real Life Family Dysfunction, saying, “Hi I just found your carnival, but I wanted to share my favorite post from November.”

ø The Investor presents Money can’t buy me love posted at, saying, “Three months ago I left London in a hurry on a weekday afternoon. I’d bought the Financial Times to take my mind off what I’d heard an hour before: my father had suffered a massive cardiac arrest. He was in an ambulance. My mother was in shock, having initially mistaken dad’s heart attack for one of his practical jokes.”

ø Kate presents Cherish the Time posted at Advice on Love, Life, and Everything Between, saying, “A story about cherishing the time with your loved ones and making lasting memories.”

ø Tara R. presents Guess who’s coming to dinner ~ old friends and enemies posted at If Mom Says OK, saying, “An imaginary dinner party where I finally come to terms with all of my different “me’s.””

ø One Family presents Ireland Trip Report posted at One Family’s Blog.

ø Modern Parent presents We are Going to Disney World! posted at

Here are some posts I ran across this past month that really stuck with me for a variety of reasons.


Problem Girl: Will Poop for Painkillers

June Cleaver Nirvana: It is Jeanetic

Mommy’s Martini: It Can’t Have Been Five Years Ago, Can It?

It’s My Life … Wanna Come Play?: The Dirty Truths No One Likes to Share with New Moms.

The Jonniker: The Luckiest

Miss Britt: I Need a Girlfriend.

Rough Draft: My Kids Will Never Leave Home

Suburban Turmoil: The Curious Case of Beanie Bill

The Imperfect Parent: Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Mothergoosemouse: If You Say So

Summer’s Nook: Edward and Bella: True Love or True Lust?

Conversion Diary: The Power of Humility


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