Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Words that Begin with D


Thirteen “D” Words that Describe my Life

Scrolling through my life, one letter at a time.

1. Dabble – And boy, do I. In fact, I have so much fun dabbling that I forget the “F” word – finishing.

2. Daft – I can be, yes. In fact, I would say, on average, I’m usually firing on all pistons maybe …. seven percent of the time. That’s not a very flattering percentage, is it.

3. Daily – I post up to thrice daily. Because I’m a blog addict. And I am alone most of my day and there’s no one blowing garlic breath down my neck and telling me to get back to work. I need a boss. Preferably a good looking one wielding a whip. *winkwink*

4. Dainty – Something I’ve never been, unfortunately. I SO WANTED to be one of those cute petite girls in high school. So much so in fact, that I forced myself to wear smaller shoes because I was under the insane assumption that if my feet were small, then somehow the rest of me would be small too … yeah, I was high. (kidding) You should see my poor feet now because of this abuse. On second thought, you really shouldn’t look at my feet – they’re grotesque.

5. Dairy – I love dairy. Dairy … doesn’t care too much for me. I could live on cheese, ice cream, creamy coffees and yogurt but then I wouldn’t be a very pleasant person to be around … what am I talking about, I’m not a pleasant person to be around now. To hell with it, pass the milk.

6. Daisy – Remember those pretty little daisy chains that the elementary school girls would gather in a circle and make at recess and then proudly wear them around their necks the rest of the day? Yeah, I was never invited to any of those daisy making groups. Thanks to the daisy girls, I have issues now. Thanks.

7. Damage – Sometimes, and this is going to sound crazy, I wish I was damaged. Then I would have so much to blog about. And people could relate to my problems and I’d become popular because I’m damaged and I’d go to BlogHer and make a ton of friends and sponsors would scramble over themselves in an attempt to buy space on my blog and my husband could retire from his job and I could get paid to do something that I love to do … but alas, I’m normal. And happy. And boring. And my issues are pretty lame compared to so many other issues out there so … never mind.

8. Dance – I love it. And only do it in the privacy of my own home. And only when my guys are no where around because the ONE time they caught me dancing (I was pretending I was one of those dancers you see behind the lead singer on MTV), they made fun of me. They STILL make fun of me. So yeah, I’m a closet dancer. (And remember the Daily Dancer? *sigh* I miss him).

9. Dandruff – I don’t have any.

10. Dangerous – Not the risk-taking dangerous, but the if-you-don’t-get-out-of-my-way-when-I’m-on-a-mission-to-get-my-grocery-shopping-done-as-quickly-as-I-can-and-get-away-from-you-people dangerous. I’m impatient. And when I get hormonal, my impatience level drops into the negative range. When that happens? Yeah, I’m pretty dangerous to be around.

11. Daring – I’m not. I tend to over analyze any given situation before thinking about doing anything and even then, I have to list the pros and cons. I’m pretty predictable and I don’t like surprises. Unless I’m hormonal and then, all bets are off.

12. Dark Horse – Though I can be pretty predictable, I have my moments. In fact, that’s why my boys are so well behaved – they’re scared of me. They never QUITE know what I’m going to do next. And though I feel guilty about that at times, I sort of like it, too.

13. Dated – I think that became obvious when I mentioned MTV. (Does anyone even watch MTV anymore? Do they EVER play music videos anymore? I remember getting wasted at a friend’s house and watching MTV videos all night. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. *cough*)

ADDED: I know the Thursday Thirteen hub has dissipated, but I’m going to go ahead and continue with the TT’s because, well, I’ve been doing them for a few years now and I enjoy the list-type format. I’m including a Technorati link below, and I would suggest you do the same, so that other TT participants can find each other. You can find the code for the tag on this page.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Words that Begin with D”

  1. I like the word DABBLE. According to my letter studies the letter D is the sound for descent and people who have that letter in their first name often spend time in their lives separated from others.

  2. Agree that TT was an easy way to create a blogpost.
    Using the letters as a guide, well then you have the first half covered.

    Pass the Milk, and I give it to the kittens;)

    I also did a Torsday 13 this week.
    But again, Google said I have passed their limits of 1 GB of photos without paying for it.
    They say I can delete or reduce old pictures, but no clue on how to do it.


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