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Random Thoughts – January 3rd

My accomplishments for the day?

Got up.

Had coffee.

Ate two Krispy Kreme donuts.

Stripped our bedding to wash.

Checked my Google Reader.

Posted the Hope post below.

Vacuumed out my car.

And now?

I’m ready for a nap. Seriously, I’m pooped. As in, I got seven hours of sleep and I’m still wiped out, exhausted.

I was actually ready for bed at 8:30 last night. But then I made the HUMONGOUS mistake of turning on the TV. And I mindlessly surfed stupid channels (toggling between E! News and CSI: Miami) until finally, I landed on “My Fair Brady.” (My apologizes in advance for even linking to this trash).

If you don’t know what this program is about, count yourself lucky. Stupidstupidstupid show about Christopher Knight’s life (Peter Brady) and his foul-mouthed fiancee (now wife?) and their lamelamelame drama.

I honestly don’t know why I wasted an hour of my life and staying up until midnight to watch that pathetic show. I think I was partly fascinated by the notion that people actually CHOOSE to live that kind of drama. I would have dropped that nut case (both Christopher and/or his fiancee) the minute they got out of control – which was about three minutes into the show.

Have you ever been sucked into such idiotic drama that like a bad car accident, you couldn’t look away? Aargh – I hate when I get sucked in like that. Hence another reason I loathe TV.

My nephews slept over last night, which meant I had to sleep with the husband and endure his snoring. Even though I had earplugs in, I still heard him but the sound of my beating heart actually lulled me to sleep and save for the occasional jerking myself awake for no apparent reason (think about six times) because that’s what I do whenever the boys have friends over and the fact that I kept jerking myself awake by own snoring (geez, how lady like), the seven hours of sleep I did get? Not peaceful.

So, I’m tired. And I’m cranky. And I need a nap, soon.

A few things to share with you though before I resume my sluggish day:

  • I’m still collecting names for the BAFAB FREE BOOK giveaway. If you’re wondering where all of those people came from that have commented so far – I registered the giveaway at Online-Sweepstakes.
  • Attention fiction writers, aspiring or otherwise. Did you know that on my writing blog I host a writing meme every Friday called [Fiction] Friday? We supply the prompt, you write whatever story the prompt inspires. It’s just a little creative writing exercise to keep your writing muscles limber. EVERYONE is welcome to play. You don’t have to be a professional writer. You don’t even have to be a serious writer. But if you like to experiment with fiction and you need an excuse to publish a bit of your fiction, then pop over and give our meme a try.
  • The next photo contest begins next Saturday. The theme is WINTER / COLD / BITTER / BLUE / WHITE / FIRE / WARMTH. The interpretation is pretty broad so really, there’s no excuse not to participate. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate to his/her choice of online store. It’s also a chance to show off your photography skills. Take a new picture, or dig through your archives, your choice.
  • The next Bloggy Giveaway begins January 26th. The prize I’m giving away? A SanDisk 2GB Sansa Clip MP3 Player. What’s REALLY great about this MP3 player? It also has FM radio. So, listen to your favorite music or catch a ballgame, it’s up to your listening pleasure. The winner will have his/her choice of red, blue, black or pink. Mark your calendars, it promises to be a wild ride.
  • And speaking of wild rides … don’t forget to mark your calendars for sometime in early March for 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party. They haven’t announced it yet, but I’m assuming (hoping!!) they will host another blog party. If you haven’t heard about this, you really MUST attend. Not only can you win some fantastic prizes, it’s a perfect opportunity to discover some new bloggy friends. I can’t wait!
  • One more thing – attention RSS readers – if you haven’t had a chance to click over, I have a new blog design.

  • ADDED: Oops! Forgot one. Write Anything also hosts a monthly blog carnival called Creative Carnival. (Next carnival is January 10th). Please feel free to submit one of your fiction, nonfiction, essay, or poem blog entries. Carnivals are another great way to get your blog noticed.

Alright, I need to get off this thing and back to my nap day.

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll talk at ya tomorrow.