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Twitter-esque: Fedora

We’re on the hunt for a Fedora. M, my nephew, showed up Christmas day wearing one and ever since then, it’s all the boys can talk about.

We checked out a few stores today, but no go. So, they may end up ordering one online. Personally? I’m thrilled. The fact that they are ready to step out of their comfort zone pleases me.

Let’s just not go overboard. Some of the things on this site are pretty wacked out. But I’m old, remember?

This watch is pretty smokin‘, though. I wouldn’t mind having that.

And what is up with this outfit? I remember wearing something similar in high school.

I wonder if I could carry that style off now? (just kidding – or am I?)

2 thoughts on “Twitter-esque: Fedora”

  1. That outfit gave me 80’s flashbacks LOL I do like that watch and would like it even better if it was a blue pattern.

    Try looking for a fedora at the local thrift stores or goodwill.

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