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I’m so re-lieved to know this! I would be so bummed if I couldn’t read all of these wonderful blog entries that I’ve been compiling for this Saturday’s Blogger’s Best Carnival.

Aaaand speaking of that … The 1st (monthly) Blogger’s Best Carnival is THIS Saturday. I’ve had OVER 200 entries -unfortunately, I can’t use most of them because they didn’t follow guidelines.

But anyway – if you have read any blog posts over this past month (or ever, really), that have moved you, or you admired that blogger’s honesty, or you could relate in some way, or you thought the writing was outstanding, or it made it you think/cry/laugh, etc., then please put that link in the comment section so I can add it to the carnival.

And YES! Please feel free to submit links to your own posts because DUDE! It’s all about expanding this wonderful blog community so toot your own horn!


Enjoying Winter Wonderland, While It Lasts

It is really hard to blog when the kids are home.

It’s not that they are loud or anything (in fact, they’re so quiet that I forget they’re here a lot of times) or constantly tapping me on the shoulder to ask me questions (I miss those days), it’s me. I have to be completely isolated in order to write – okay fine, to think.

When the kids are home, I’m in “mom” mode. My instincts go into overdrive and every little squeak of their chairs or the tap of their keyboards distract me. It’s especially hard to concentrate when they have their headsets on (like now) and I can hear their conversations with their friends – they sound so grown up and I’m a little jealous that they’ve created worlds where I’m not welcome.

So if this post doesn’t make sense, you’ll know why. Because my focus is being constantly punctured by “kid presence.”

It snowed last night.

Snowy Backyard
(Looking into our backyard)

In fact, it snowed quite a bit.

Snow Level
(See the snow level under our camper?)

And it was a gorgeous sight.

I know this, because I was out in it.

The husband came home early last night so he could drive me around. I had to go to Blockbusters in order to return some movies, Walgreens (for some Charcocaps – remember I talked about those yesterday?) and Harter House to pick up some arm roast for our BBQ sandwiches we plan on having Thursday night for dinner. (Yes, I’m one of those anal people who plan their menus ahead of time). He had to drive me because I was too much of a wuss to get out on my own.

Well, that was part of the reason, the other part was because I wasn’t sure if my Vibe, which sits pretty low to the ground, wouldn’t get stuck. And considering the husband drives an F150 truck and he loves to drive in this stuff anyhow, I figured I’d play the helpless female card and sweet talk him into playing my knight in shining armor.

There wasn’t much resistance on his end. ::wink::

So we’re out. And the streets are dead because they’re a mixture of slushy and slick and no one wants to be out in this mess. We pull into Walgreen’s when the snow starts. Big, fat, beautiful flakes began to gently descend from the heavens and it’s absolutely breath-taking. It’s the kind of snow that instantly covers your hair and shoulders the moment you step outside; the kind of flakes that drop softly, end-over-end until they land ever so gently on the ground – the crystals intact and shimmering in the soft glow of the street lights.

I felt like I was stuck in a snow globe. The world around us had been forced to slow down, even stop in some places. It was a magical moment.

We hurried home and opened the windows to show the boys. They were mesmerized and quickly stepped into their slippers to go outside and stand in the falling flakes. It was such a peaceful, happy, quiet moment because there was enough snow by this time to muffle the world around us. We felt isolated, yet together. It was a special family moment.

It’s now 10:57 a.m. and the sun is trying really hard to break through the clouds. Temperatures are expected to reach above freezing tomorrow and climb all the way to the 40’s by this weekend.

Our winter wonderland will soon disappear.

The husband is on his way home to pick us up for lunch. I have no idea where we will go, but it will be nice, regardless, because we’ll be together.