Project 365

Project 365: March 5th


Here is another week of random photos. I have to admit, I’m starting to get burned out on taking pictures every day. Grr. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.


1. Kevin, sitting at his work desk with his Fonzie jacket on. RAWR.

2. Me. Being stupid. I feel like such an AMERICAN! Having a passport and all!

3. I know. Weird, right? Have you guessed what this is? It looks like a big, hairy spider, doesn’t it. Okay, it looks like a big, hairy spider to me. As a matter of fact, MK put this thing on top of our light above our kitchen table and I actually jumped when I saw it, thinking it was a spider. I have a spider phobia, apparently. But no. This is a funky, bendable tripod that Kevin put in my stocking this past Christmas. It’s lightweight and pretty cool to use in a pinch. It’s hanging off the side of our cabinet door. (Look at the window in the background for perspective).


4. GD. It looks like he’s praying, doesn’t it. Wrong. He’s actually playing his DS. WHY the boy plays his DS half on, half off his bed is a mystery. Boys. You can’t live without them, you can’t get them to talk about their feelings. And look at that bubble butt – too funny!

5. Kevin. Trying to sing. Keyword here: trying. HAHA!

6. MK. This WAS his algebra folder. As you can see, he’s gotten quite a bit of use out of it. He really takes pleasure in annihilating these things when they wear out. A little TOO much, IMO.

7. Me. *gag*

Project 365

Project 365: February 26th


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.


1. GD’s new hat. In case you missed it, he made a high B on his last Geometry test and the deal was, if he made a B or better, I would buy him this hat. As you can see, I keep my word. 🙂

2. MK is taking Algebra this year. And since GD had Algebra last year, he felt it was his big brother’s duty to help his little bro out. It really warms my heart when the boys bond like this. They are such great friends. I pray that relationship only strengthens as the year’s go by.

3. Kevin is an artist. And not just in music, but he dabbles in drawing as well. Here he is, teaching himself to draw anime. He gets in these “moods” once in a while to just draw. This desire usually only lasts a short while – this bout only lasted a day. *grin*


4. – 7. These pictures really don’t require an explanation. There’s really no way to justify our stupidity. Somehow (and I really couldn’t tell you because I have no clue), we had these coke bottle glasses lying around our house and first Kevin put them on, then the kids, and of course, I had to give it a go. We look like idiots – no, it’s okay, we do. What can I say? We’re a weird family. 😀

Project 365

Project 365: February 19th


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.


1. This is another wood project GD had to do for shop class. I can’t even watch him when he works on these things – deadly saw, 16-year old unsteady, unsure hands … *shudder* Moving on …

2. The arrow? Is pointing to MK’s little blonde head. This is his pep band performing at a fundraiser one night at the school. I Twittered about this – I was all alone and not one person talked to me. It was a loooong hour and a half. *sigh* It’s my fault. I’m just too stand-offish. I wouldn’t approach me, either.

3. Me and my husband, Kevin. We’re doing our weekly lunch date thing and I made Kevin pause and take this picture with me before he could leave the car and go back to work. Hence his slightly irritated expression. hehe


4. Kevin and his Rasterbator picture. I know. WORST name ever, right? BUT, we were really excited to stumble onto this site because this is exactly the sort of thing we want to do with our own photos and then hang on our wall. In essence, the Rasterbator (geez, I really hate that name) program creates huge, rasterized images from any picture. It divides it up into quadrants, then prints it out in ink dots so that you can put it back together again and make it look all funky on your wall. Here, Kevin experimented with one of his pictures and pasted it back together again onto the side of the file cabinet in his office. Anyway, I thought it was cool. 🙂

5. GD, wearing MK’s hat and looking pretty freaking cool, if I say so myself. He looks good in hats.

6. Me. Bleh. I had just gotten my roots touched up and my stylist styled it on the wrong side (I wear my hair swept to the left – not that you really wanted to know that info, but whatever) and I had to redo it. But I was in a hurry to meet Kevin for lunch so yeah, a la crap do.

7. Guess who taught himself to juggle? And guess who wants to take those balls and throw them down the garbage disposal because the *thumpthumpthump* of them being dropped every 2.5 seconds is slowly driving me batsh*t crazy? But hey, he’s happy. I’ll deal. 🙂

Project 365

Project 365: February 12th


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.


1. GD, doing Geometry. Notice I’m no where near the boy. I’m forbidden to help with math homework. Because I suck at it!

2. This is my alarm clock. I know, big, right? This is actually our digital picture frame, that we still haven’t figured out how to put (decent looking) pictures on. But it works great for an alarm clock because the numbers are so big I can actually SEE it. And it’s MY alarm clock because Kevin and I do not sleep together. It’s complicated.

3. Kevin is helping MK with his Algebra. Notice, I’m no where near them. I sort of LIKE sucking at math.


4. This is part of the Valentine cookie batch I made to put in the boys’ lunches. I took a picture of this one with my blog visitors in mind because truly ya’ll – YOU ROCK!

5. At the dinner table. We’re having Beef and Broccoli for dinner that night. Notice how none of the guys are smiling? I interrupted their feeding time – they get cranky when I do that. *grin*

6. Me. On my way to have lunch with Kevin. It’s the only time of the week I look halfway decent. Normally, I look like this hag.

7. Kevin. He’s getting ready to take his motorcycle out for a ride because we’ve been having some really mild weather lately. (And some pretty wicked thunderstorms, too. But we won’t talk about those).

Project 365

Project 365: February 5th


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.


1. MK, doing what he does best – being blonde. *grin* This was taken at one of our weekly ice cream outings.

2. This is what the kids do when they eat lunch on the weekends – they sit at the kitchen computer (yes, we have a computer in our kitchen, hush) and watch YouTube videos. My kids are never very far from a computer monitor.

3. The husband. Snuggling under a blanket (Hey! He needs a snuggie! I wonder if he would wear one?) and resting for a change. My husband is a man who is constantly in motion. So, he completely exhausts himself. This is his body’s way of MAKING him slow down and rest. I get so impatient with him sometimes – RELAX dude!


4. Ah, the infamous hat. Ever since my nephew came over at Christmas sporting a funky-looking bowler hat, my boys have wanted one. We hadn’t had any luck finding one until a friend of GD’s stayed over this past weekend wearing one and told us where he bought his. GD ended up changing his mind about buying one (he weighed the pros and cons of spending his own money and decided it wasn’t worth the money, is he my child or what?!) but MK instantly fell in love with this hat and has in fact, not taken it off since. He would wear it to school if they would allow it.

5. These are the Valentine cookies I made (HA! That makes it sound like I actually made these things from scratch when in fact, I tore open a package and laid those suckers out on the pan – my kind of cooking!!) for the boys’ lunches. I make their lunches every day and I actively LOOK for things to embarrass them in front of their buds. *evil laugh*

6. GD has shop class this semester and he asked his dad to help him with this difficult cut. This was a challenge for GD because the boy has never handled any sort of “man” tool before and he wasn’t sure how to go about it. Though this class makes me nervous (BUZZ saw!!), it’ll be good for him. He needs to learn how to work basic tools. I like these practical classes.

7. Me. I’m getting ready to pick up the boys from school. It was an early day that day and after I picked them up, we swung by the husband’s office, picked him up and then we went and applied for our passports.

Project 365

Project 365: January 29th

Project 365

And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.

Mosaic 23 - 25

1. Here is the husband playing some sort of vision focus game on one of the boys’ old Gameboy DS’s. He’s wasting time while waiting for us to join him for Bible study. Which we do, in our home, every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. In case you’re curious, we use the teachings at the Truth or Tradition website in our studies. (Please look into it – it’ll really bless you and your family!)

2. GD, doing what he loves to do the most – goofing off with his online buddies. (That poor kid’s nose has really gotten big. He takes after me, poor guy. Hopefully, he’ll grow into that nose. In the meantime, I tell him to be proud of his crooked Cherokee Indian nose).

3. My husband was very proud of this pizza (made from scratch – except the crust). And I’ll be the first to admit that my husband? Was most likely a chef in a previous life (if I believed in previous lives) because he can seriously cook. He’s one of those naturals that can eyeball ingredients, throw something together and it’s fabulous. It’s gotten to the point that we all dread when I cook so in order to enjoy our meals, I prepare the ingredients and then he comes home and makes it while I stand by and “assist” him. Works for me!

Mosaic 26 - 29

4. Here is GD, standing outside the night we had the beautiful snowfall. As you can see, the flakes were quite big and quite lovely.

5. The husband, on the phone with a Carnival Cruise line representative because in case you’re just tuning in, we’re going on a cruise this summer!!! His goofy smile kills me. And look at his glassy eyes and his slightly flushed cheeks … wait a minute, does he look? No, couldn’t be. Wait, maybe …? Does he look like he’s got a good buzz going on to anyone? Probably because he does! He had a couple of beers after dinner so he was feeling QUITE good about the whole cruise thing. (That’s the only way I can get the man to agree to spend money – beer and good times. *winkwink*)

6. The day before our pretty snowfall, we had a full day of sleet and general ugliness. It always fascinates me how fast water freezes. Here you can see it literally froze as it was draining off our house.

7. And the obligatory weekly picture of me. I sort of like this picture though (even though it’s of me – bleh) because I don’t know what I did, but the lighting is flattering. Was it the back light from the window? Whatever it was, I want to do it again!

Project 365

Project 365: January 22nd


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.

Mosaic 16 - 18

1. I have no problem washing laundry. I have no problem drying laundry. I sort of have a problem with folding laundry. But when it comes time to PUTTING the laundry away? I have a problem!! I can let this situation go for exactly 2.5 days before the husband gets cranky with me. (When you’ve been married for nearly 19 years, you pick this sort of thing up. *grin*).

2. The husband, just waking up. Here is our morning routine: I’m usually up first. And I’ve made the email rounds when the husband stumbles in, gives me a quick kiss and then stumbles through making his breakfast of waffles, bacon and hot apple juice. (Every morning!) After he eats, he sits in that chair and drinks some coffee and we chat a bit while he wakes up. He’s so cute with his morning hair and glassy eyes.

3. Because the boys do such a good job at school (work) every week, I take them for a treat once a week – sometimes it’s donuts, but most often, it’s ice cream at our favorite creamy. This is GD, in the back seat, hunched over his brownie/custard … concoction. I wonder where he gets his “hands off my food or you die” attitude. Hhmm…

Mosaic 19 - 22

4. MK, same ice cream trip, only in the passenger seat. The way he eats ice cream just cracks me up. He takes little dainty bites, slurps really, which makes his ice cream last forever. When asked why he eats ice cream like this? “I hate brain freeze.” Well, there is that … OR, the real answer could be, “I like to stretch the anticipation out as long as I possibly can because it drives mom crazy.” But he’s a sweet kid, why would I think that? *snort*

5. Our front door and a few numbers from our house address. Why yes, I DO like to live dangerously. Muahahahaha. (Okay not really, I needed something to take a picture of that day and that was the only thing I could think of).

6. My weekly picture (I’m really not that narcissistic , well, okay, maybe I am a little, but I plan on stitching all of these photos together at the end of the year so we can all laugh at the crazy hair lady getting older before our eyes). I took this picture in the late afternoon, hence the funky hair color. It looks so red! And fluffy! And in bad need of a good conditioner!

7. Lovelovelove this sign!! If you haven’t visited before, then you probably don’t know that cell phones and driving? DRIVE ME CRAZY! This sign is actually prominently displayed at the driveway exit at MK’s school. Whoever commissioned to put that up, THANK YOU. Of course, people won’t listen, but THANK YOU.

Project 365

Project 365: January 15th

Project 365 1-15

And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.

Mosiac 3

1. My guys around the dinner table. We eat dinner together every night. It’s very rare that we load up the TV trays and eat in front of the TV. We’re eating on paper plates because our good plates are in the dish washer and I’m too lazy to wash them for this meal. We had fried chicken, peas and mashed potatoes that night. The fried chicken was REALLY fried because pink chicken scares the crap out of me so I overcook it every time.

2. This is the project MK was building. It’s a Bioncle and it’s a cross between a space ship and a weapon. Don’t look at me like that, it’s a guy thing. *shrug* He collects them and this project took him all day to build. He was quite proud of himself for sticking with it and not giving up.

3. My walking shoes. If you look closely, you can see the tread is gone; it’s about time for another pair of shoes. The tread is virtually non-existent on the left shoe and just worn down on the right shoe. Apparently, I walk heavier on my left foot. That’s weird.

Mosiac 12 - 15

4. This photo album is so old that the pages are starting to crumble. I’m working on scanning all of these photos and putting them on an SD card so my parents will have a more permanent record of them. They can also look at them in their new digital picture frame. Look closely – that baby? Is me. *smile*

5. My husband, doing our taxes. See his concentration face? Isn’t it cute?

6. GD at his computer. His facial expression kills me. It’s a cross between irritation and amusement. I think he reserves this face just for me. And only me. *sigh*

7. Me. I’m on my way to run some errands. The weather was sunny and upper 20’s that day so I was freezing. It was also windy, hence the “why bother to fix my hair” hairdo. I went to the bank, Wal-Mart (to buy more Aleve and a posterboard for GD), Blockbuster and Harter House to buy some stew meat.

My life is so exciting, yes?

Project 365

Project 365 – The Beginning

Project 365 - 1-08-09

Okay, I’m doing it. I’m going to participate in Project 365 because remember I said one of my resolutions this year was to take more pictures?

Well, you can’t beat taking one picture every day.

However, I don’t plan on posting these photos to my blog every day – I think that might get old fast. So, I’m going to post an update every Thursday because the year started on Thursday and it actually ends on a Thursday.

If you would like to keep up with my daily pictures, you can subscribe to the Flickr RSS feed here. Otherwise, check back here Thursday for a photo collage.

I’ll shut up now and present this week’s Project 365 pictures along with a short explanation (which is really for me because by the time the end of the year rolls around I’ll be all like, “What the heck? Why did I take a picture of that?”)

Mosiac Jan 1 - 4

1. My goofball husband has a photography light/globe whatever on his head. I bought him a set of professional photography lights for Christmas and he was showing his enthusiasm. 🙂

2. January 3rd, we had over 60 degree weather. In January?! How unusual. (But not because of Global Warming! It’s because weather is cyclical! We’ve had 60 degree Januarys before). So, we thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and go to the Nature Trail. This is me, awkwardly posing and wondering if anyone can see my poochy belly behind my sweatshirt. No? Score!

3. MK pausing while playing the Wii to smile for me. I like this picture because his eyes look so cool. Normally, they’re blue. But that day, they were a light gray. Click here for a closeup.

4. MK again. He’s very busy (and very frustrated) building one of those huge Bioncle gun/space ship looking things (it’s a boy thing). He finally finished it. I’ll take a picture of that soon.

Mosiac Jan 5 - 8

5. My nephew, M, and his uber-cool fedora. The same one that has the boys salivating all over themselves for. In fact, I mentioned they were on the lookout for one. We’ve been unsuccessful thus far.

6. The Bookmooch package I put together for a gal that requested three of my books. Woot! Three less books in my book storage container thingie, three more points for me, three cool books for her!

7. FINALLY! A good hair day!!!! What, you don’t think that warrants all of the exclamation marks! Are you kidding me?! My good hair days are so far and few between I SAVOR them when they happen. Actually, I’m toying with the idea of taking a photo of myself once a week and then stitching all of the photos together to make a slide show and laugh over at how much I’ve aged at the end the year.

8. I’m walking the son. HA! There’s a story behind this photo. Stay tuned for the blog entry coming to your computer very soon.

I’m having WAY too much fun with this Project 365, er, project. Of course, it’s only been a week. Ask me how much fun I’m having in say, July.