MK’s 2008 Honors Band Concert

We’re home! The concert was amazing. The 8th graders sounded so professional and I was REALLY impressed with the trumpet section – outstanding!

The kids spent the entire day practicing. They took a short break for lunch, watched a professional jazz band perform and then went back to practicing. Today was the first time they played the songs they performed as well as the first time they played with most of the other band members (there were students from other middle schools there, too).

MK did a superb job. It’s just an honor to make the band. All of the kids truly sounded incredible.

Here are a few pictures. I cropped them out of the bigger picture so they are a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea. (MK is the blonde boy in the blue oxford shirt):

Waiting to play
Honors Band 2008

Playing His Heart Out
Honors Band 2008

Totally Drooping
Honors Band 2008

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It’s a gorgeous day in the Ozarks and I’ve been pretty productive (so I’m happy). I got up early, took a shower and took MK to his Honors’ Band … thingie this morning. He’s scheduled to practice all day and then at 3:00 he’ll put on a concert for friends and family.

We’ll be heading back up there shortly to watch him.

After I dropped him off, I headed to the MSU library to get some writing done. And I cranked out another 3,000 words. (I was the first person to arrive at the library today and it was like a cemetery! I think I saw three people the entire time I was there – until noon. The MSU library is turning out to be my favorite place to write). The words just fell off my fingertips today and I LOVE it when that happens!! I purposefully stopped mid-thought so when I get back to it, I can pick it up where I left off and go from there (a little writing tip, in case you were wondering).

I’m currently on Chapter 11, 118 pages, and 39,018 words into it. In fact, I just printed out my book, here’s a pic:

Fall 2008 Work in Progress
(I love printing out the pages, it makes me feel like a writer!)

I’m pretty excited about this story. Things are heating up romantically between my protagonists and my antagonists are lurking in the shadows just dying to plunge the knife in their proverbial backs.

I might write tomorrow, I might not. I really want to get the Christmas decorations up this weekend so I might take tomorrow off and resume major wordage on Monday – we’ll see how it goes. All I know at this point is that that method seems to work really well for me. I write every day until I can feel the burn out and then take a few days off, subconsciously stewing over my story so when I sit back down and start writing again, it falls out of my head so quickly I can barely type fast enough to keep up.

Speaking of chapters …

If you have a few moments, please stop by Write Anything and read our current Chapter Seven project entitled: “Lost on Earth”.

It’s a science fiction story that me, and six other writers worked on and chapter two just posted today. I wrote chapter six and that will post on Wednesday. It was an especially tough challenge for me because I’m pretty clueless when it comes to science fiction – I don’t read it very much so writing it was a real challenge for me. But I had a blast doing it and I feel pretty good about my submission. Check back on Wednesday and you can tell me if you agree.

And coming up …

Beginning November 30th, you can start submitting your Coffee Chat links. If you need the prompts and/or the instructions, you can read this page. There’s a $25 Amazon gift certificate at stake to the first place winner AND a $10 Starbucks gift card to the second place winner. HELLO?! Christmas gift money and something to tide you over WHILE you’re Christmas shopping. *grin*


December 1st I will be giving an ornament away to some lucky person. I’m participating in Kailani’s Christmas ornament giveaway and I thought, hey, why not buy two ornaments and give the other one away to a WFK reader?! I bought the ornament at Bass Pro Shops because we’re really into the whole outdoors thing here in the Ozarks and I thought it might be fun for someone to have a little touch of the Ozarks on their tree. I’ll take a picture of it and post it soon. So, December 1st, a unique Ozarks Christmas ornament giveaway – mark your calendars!

Okay, it’s about time for us to leave for MK’s concert. I’ll try and post some pictures later today.

I hope your Saturday is going well!

Saturday Photo Hunt

Saturday Photo Hunt – Reflection

This week’s theme: Reflection

I’ve posted this picture before, but I’m going to post it again because not only is it a reflection in my side mirror (on my old Ford Escape), but a reflection of how I spend 90 minutes of my day, everyday, waiting to either drop off kids, or pick up kids. I don’t really mind, it gives me a chance to listen to music and return to reality after being on the computer all day, and it’s also a chance to slow time down and study my children as they walk toward me. I wish I had thought ahead and took weekly pictures of them so you could see how much they’ve changed over the years. It’s both sad and exciting all at the same time.

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