CD’s, the Real Deal

I’m listening to a few CD’s right now.

Well, not RIGHT this minute, I can’t write and listen to music at the same time, but I’ve been listening to them off and on and may I just say …

Momma likes.

I went out and actually bought the CD’s, I haven’t actually bought CD’s in forever. Why did I buy them? Because I don’t know, I LIKE having a hard copy as opposed to downloading on iTunes – it feels safer to me. Even though it will be a pain to reload the music back onto iTunes if/when my computer needs to be refomatted, I don’t mind because I know I’ll have my music as opposed to thinking I have a copy and I don’t, or thinking I have a copy that works, and I don’t.

Been there, done that.

AND, I like buying CD’s instead of downloading because this way my husband can put the music on his phone, which is not an Apple device and there’s no way to transfer iTunes music (special format, I think it’s MP4?) onto a non-Apple device.

Kind of sucks, actually.

The two CD’s that I bought? Nickelback’s “Dark Horse” and David Cook’s self-titled CD. You remember David Cook, the American Idol winner? Yeah well, he has his own CD out now and though I haven’t heard all of it yet, I like what I hear so far.

You might have heard “Light On” on your radio? That is, IF you listen to the radio anymore? Does anyone listen to the radio anymore? I do, in my car. And sometimes I listen to talk radio at home, but for the most part, I don’t listen to anything because I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time – i.e. be creative and listen to music at the same time.

Anyway, I took the liberty of burning the “Light On” song, so you can listen to it, if you wish.

I also think this song will become a hit. It’s called “Declaration.”

AND, this gets me in the mood to put some Christmas music on here again. Beginning December 1, I’ll start putting some Christmas songs in my posts for you to enjoy.

I heart Christmas music. 😀

Have a great evening, everyone!


Who’s the Forgetful Dork? Oh, That Would Be Me

If there was ever any doubt, there is not now …





And to add insult to injury, I’m a FORGETFUL dork!

I am quite sure my husband was wondering what in the world was wrong with me yesterday. I couldn’t finish about 80% of my thoughts, I took a wrong turn on our way to dinner last night, I nearly rear-ended someone because I took my wedding ring off and couldn’t remember where I had put it and was totally freaking out when in fact it was in the bathroom, where I put it, because I was running my fingers through my hair to flatten it and take the spiky look out of it …

*deep breath*

And to top it off, to put the cherry on my idiocy, I forgot to put the card back into our camera.


If you’re just surfing by (Hi!), yesterday was my husband and oldest son’s birthdays (yes, they have the same birthday, long story, you can read about it here), and I ordered them a cookie cake, like I do every year.

No biggie, right?

Well, it is if you didn’t have your stupid card in your stupid camera and took a bunch of pictures and was looking forward to posting them to share with ya’ll and you open the little door thingie on your camera and the card is no where to be seen but in fact, is sitting on your desk looking all innocent!


Stupidstupidstupid girl.

ANYWAY, it really wasn’t that big of a deal because the cookie cake? Sucked. Which is pretty sad considering I asked for stick people ….

Oh yeah. The artist at the cookie cake place? Totally screwed up my stick people.

WTH …?!

I asked the gal if she could draw two stick people, a father and son, because it was the husband and son’s birthdays, right? I thought it would be cute/funny to have the taller stick figure with his arm around the smaller son stick figure and maybe put a ball cap on the father figure because you know, stick figures look alike and that way everyone would know who the father was. And I got this totally blank look from the gal and she says to me, with a totally straight face mind you, that she wasn’t sure she could do the arm around the second stick figure. *blinkblink* It’s a stick figure, but you know, whatever.

What I ended up getting was two TINY stick people who were not standing anywhere close to each other and the ball cap? Looked like an upside down saucepan.


Oh well, we got a good laugh out of it and I WOULD show you a picture, but you know, the whole missing camera card thing and I’m a dork and well … moving on.

My parents dropped by (hey mom, if you have a picture of that cookie cake, can you post it to Flickr? Because you know, I’m a dork) bearing gifts. They gave the husband a gift card to a music store (score!) and gave GD a box full of … well, full of 16 individually-wrapped gifts.

It began with the card, that was #1. There was a $2 bill in it. COOL! I didn’t even know those things were still in circulation. Then, he opened the box, which contained 15 more gifts … an apple, a toothbrush holder, a can of Pringles, a package of popcorn, cookies, post-it notes, a school box, some pencils, hot chocolate, a notepad and on and on.

Exciting, right? Ah, but here’s the kicker, my clever little mother inserted a $2.00 bill into each of those gifts so GD had a BLAST first finding, and then pulling those bills out. He ended up walking away from the gift with $32.00 dollars. Cha-ching!

We later met my in-laws at Lambert’s (that’s a restaurant that throws rolls at you and walks around offering all sorts of yummy side dishes – it’s an all you can eat joint and quite popular in these here parts) and stuffed our faces with all sorts of yummy stuff. I took more pictures but you know, I FORGOT TO PUT THE CAMERA CARD IN, so you’ll just have to imagine six people around a table beaming smiles and full tummies.

Since we were so close to my in-laws’ house and we didn’t want them to drive all the way back to our house and then all the way back to their house, we sweet talked them into allowing us to come over with our cookie cake and we stuffed our faces some more.

Incidentally, that’s when I discovered the missing camera card.

I think the guys had a great birthday. Well actually, I know they did because GD told me this morning as I was taking him to school, that it was one of the best and considering that boy has had some really great birthdays (thank you very much), that’s saying a lot.

So mom, I know you’re reading this – THANK YOU for being so creative and for going to all the trouble of wrapping 15 gifts and making a certain 16-year old’s birthday special because I know you had a lot to do with his special memory. And if you have any pictures, I want them! Wah!


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