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Interesting Distractions

I woke up to red eyes this morning.

So I put some Visine in them.

And they started to water.

And they’re STILL watering. In fact, it’s safe to say, I’ve cried and rubbed the makeup clean off my eyes today. Why are they doing this??

I’ve been about two hours behind schedule all day. I got up okay, (save for the annoying watering eyes), took a shower, got the kids off to school, went to a different library, figured out they were WAY too small and there was NO PLACE to sit and write, so I came home, got distracted by the Peter Brady comment which prompted me to go to YouTube to see if I could find a video of Peter Brady’s voice cracking …

I didn’t find a video for Peter’s voice cracking, but I did end up watching the first half of the Brady Girls Get Married movie (don’t click! You’re get sucked in!!) then had lunch with my husband, came back home and finished watching more Brady Girls Get Married. I promptly felt guilty for getting sucked into YouTube hell and I made a deal with myself, I would just quickly check my Google Reader to see what everyone was up to …


I got sidetracked – with articles like these from BoingBoing:

Dead man’s coffin kills wife

A woman died this week when her husband’s coffin slammed into the back of her neck during a traffic accident in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Marciana Silva, 67, was riding in the front seat of the hearse when she was hit.

(This headline is definitely going into my story ideas folder)

Eye-Cam Wanted


Kevin Kelly writes:

This is Tanya Vlach’s new eyeball. She lost her real one in a car accident a few years ago. I met Tanya at a film festival recently. During our conversation she said she was looking for help in turning her artificial eye into a eye-cam. You know, a mini web cam inside an eyeball. It would capture live video and stream it to a memory somewhere and also perhaps eventually assist her own vision in real time. She confessed that she was not technologically adept enough to hack it on her own.

(Actually, this one is going into the story ideas folder, too)

Armless Man Steals TV

A man with no arms allegedly stole a 23″ TV from a store in Munich, Germany. According to reports, he had helpers strap the TV to his chest. From the Daily Telegraph:

A police spokesman admitted: “It’s hard to believe that the sight of an armless man walking along with a giant TV clamped to his body did not get anyone’s attention.”

And finally, this little girl has completely, and absolutely, stolen my heart. I don’t care that I don’t know what she’s saying (except through the subtitles), I don’t care that she’s french. That super sweet voice, that adorable accent and her eyes …

Her eyes HAVE KILLED ME. I’m now just a puddle of goo.

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She’s so sweet my teeth actually hurt now. And her expressions … dear God in heaven, her expressions have been burned into my retinas. What a baby doll.

So, to sum up?

Wasting time on Internet – dominated my day

Getting any sort of word count in on my NaNo project – didn’t even see the light of my day (in fact, I never even pulled my laptop out all day).

I disgust myself.

Feeling Guilty