MK’s 2008 Honors Band Concert

We’re home! The concert was amazing. The 8th graders sounded so professional and I was REALLY impressed with the trumpet section – outstanding!

The kids spent the entire day practicing. They took a short break for lunch, watched a professional jazz band perform and then went back to practicing. Today was the first time they played the songs they performed as well as the first time they played with most of the other band members (there were students from other middle schools there, too).

MK did a superb job. It’s just an honor to make the band. All of the kids truly sounded incredible.

Here are a few pictures. I cropped them out of the bigger picture so they are a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea. (MK is the blonde boy in the blue oxford shirt):

Waiting to play
Honors Band 2008

Playing His Heart Out
Honors Band 2008

Totally Drooping
Honors Band 2008