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They Should Call It, “The Day Shoppers Turn into Animals” Friday

Would you like fries with that?”

Her friend mumbled a response.

“Seriously. If you don’t stop and chew that burger, you’re going to choke. Then I’ll have to do the Heimlich maneuver, we’ll attract attention …” she shrugged, allowing her words to trail off. Why even bother?

Her friend visibly swallowed the chunk of food and took a healthy swig of soda. “Tick! Tock! We have to take advantage of the deals!!”

Peggy snapped. “Yes! We must save two bucks!” She snorted and watched the swarm of people roughly pushing each other outside the café window. One lone child was silently wailing.

“Happy holidays,” she grumbled.





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7 thoughts on “They Should Call It, “The Day Shoppers Turn into Animals” Friday”

  1. I am definitely not a fan of black Friday. The way people turn into animals over a THING that is TWO DOLLARS cheaper is just horrifying.

    What a greed driven day, Black Friday seems to be!

    Thanks for this wonderfully written link! I enjoyed your previous audio tape of your work, too! I was just too late to comment!

  2. I agree! …’s such a crazy thing so many fall for year after year…. during my first years of marriage we stuck to buying after Christmas rush…when you could afford to put things under the tree. Crazy I know but those times were really tough….some times I think the things we did in the beginning far out weigh what we do now….

  3. I’m so with you. I hate hate hate the whole Black Friday shopping frenzy thing! I think it’s the antithesis of what the holidays really should be about. Just sayin’. 😉

  4. I feel the same way. I stayed home on Black Friday. All snug and cozy on the couch watching the hysteria on TV. Amazing. Just amazing.~Ames

  5. This kind of behavior is what makes me want to leave for Belize on the day before Thanksgiving and return on January 2. I think that’s the only way to avoid all the insanity.


  6. Sounds just like Black Friday. I’m happy to stay home on that day. Too many nutty people LOL. Loved your take on this prompt.

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