I’m Not a Nurse – I Just Dress Up Like One. Married to an Old Man? My Son Will Get a Life Or Else …

Faro Mangiabarche

I survived another work week.

It’s starting to get easier. I think I’m getting it. I hope I’m getting it. I didn’t have to correct AS many mistakes this past week as I’ve had to.

I’m behind. Just not AS behind as I was.

I’ll take what little encouragement I can get.

I’m learning the ropes for outlying clinics. The office lead went out of her way to drive me to the Branson clinic this past Wednesday. I thought that was really nice. (She likes me. But seriously, who WOULDN’T like me. HA!) She showed me how to set up the laptops in the exam rooms, then how to check patients in, make sure they sign the correct paperwork, collect any co-pay, if required, and of course, I know how to check them out – I do that every day.

The day went by fast – sort of. Since I sat and watched the entire day, I was a bit bored and the day dragged on a bit, but after I make myself some notes, I’m pretty sure I can handle outlying clinics in the future.

I rode back to Springfield in the van – with the doctor, his PA, his nurse and MA. It was awkward, but the doctor was super nice and after chit-chatting for a few minutes, he ended up sleeping the rest of the way back to town.

I can’t blame the man. I’m betting he doesn’t get a lot of sleep to begin with.

We got back to the Springfield clinic around 2ish. And I stuck around and worked the rest of the day. In fact, I ended up working until 5:30 (I’m THAT dedicated. Actually, I just don’t want to get that far behind because 1. I don’t want my superiors to think I can’t handle my job and 2. patients are counting on me to get them set up for tests that the doctors ordered so they can proceed with whatever treatment results from those test).

I think they want me to work the Harrison clinic on December 9th. That will be with the other doctor I schedule for. I’ve never met him, so I’m more nervous working that clinic, I think. His nurse is super nice though and I’ve talked to her on several occasions.

One of the gals I work directly with is going on vacation this week – she’ll be gone until Wednesday of next week. I’m not really nervous to have her gone, but it will make my job a little more difficult. I ask her A LOT of questions and though there are other people close that can answer my questions, I don’t feel as comfortable with them. It’s a sink or swim moment, I think. I hope she has a really good time, she deserves the break (they were SUPER short handed before I got there), but at the same time…


We got Jazz’s saxophone back from the music store this week. We took it in because it was growing this funky green stuff all over it and it was quite disgusting to look at. They ended up taking it apart, soaking it in a chemical bath and putting it back together again. Now it looks brand new again. I’ve been watching videos on YouTube on how to keep it clean and I will make sure Jazz watches these videos and stays on top of his maintenance in the future.

We can’t afford to pay to have that cleaned every year. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it might be, but still … it’s something that we can do ourselves.

Or Jazz can do, I should say.

Kevin and Dude are one year older – Kevin turned the big 50 and Dude is 19. We didn’t do much – the guys wanted to eat at Lamberts (the home of the throwed rolls – yes, they really throw rolls at you) and though I like eating there, I HATE the wait time. They are always so stinkin’ busy and Friday night was no exception. However, we got there early enough that we only had to wait about 20 minutes.

It’s a fun place to eat – but the portions are HUGE. I ended up getting the pulled pork sandwich (*drool*) and all three guys got the fried chicken. We went back to Kevin’s parents’ house afterward and had cookie cake.


I didn’t want Dude to feel left out, so I bought him his own cookie cake:

He didn’t mind.

It’s been a challenge trying to celebrate both Kevin and Dude’s birthdays on the same day without making one, or the other, feel left out. When Dude was younger, I used to run around with my head cut off trying to decorate, pick up presents, and get the house cleaned up so we could have a party for my guys. Now that they’re older, it’s not AS big of a deal.

I can’t believe I’m married to a 50-year old. Kevin neither acts, nor looks, 50-years old to me. Not that 50 is old, it just SOUNDS old, doesn’t it?

Dude is officially enrolled at OTC. He went up to OTC on the 17th, by himself, and attended some sort of seminar for new students. He got his student number and was at the bookstore when Kevin met him on campus. They turned in his high school transcript (because Dude wouldn’t ask questions and find out where he was supposed to turn them in) and Kevin was supposed to help him register for classes. But somehow, Dude talked Kevin out of that plan and they ended up coming back home. Kevin then told Dude to get online and register for his three classes (because he had the capability of getting online and doing that since he attended the seminar) while he went back to work. When he came home, Dude still hadn’t registered and Kevin sort of lost it with him.

Welcome to my world.

I’ve told Kevin, from the moment our oldest graduated from high school, that he would have to push Dude EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY. into his future.

And I was right. Dude will take the easy road, every time. And if it even SEEMS like it’s going to be an uncomfortable, and/or new situation for him, he will simply procrastinate and do nothing until we end up losing our temper with him and MAKING him take that next step. I’ve had to push that boy all his life, and I’ve gotten very frustrated with him over the years. I would give him the chance to do whatever it was he needed to do, on his own, first, and when it didn’t happen, then I would have to step in and twist his arm until it DID happen.

I don’t think Kevin really understood what I was talking about until recently. Now that I’m working and unable to hold the boy’s hand anymore, Kevin has had to step up and take charge. He’s A LOT more relaxed than I am, which is better in so many ways, but still, even Kevin has limits. And when he came home and Dude STILL hadn’t registered for his classes, he got pretty angry with him.

And because Dude procrastinated so long that day, he ended up not getting a class that he wanted because it was full by the time he finally committed to registering. He has an English class, a math class and some stupid computer class that he could probably test out of but won’t because he’s afraid of his own shadow and Kevin and I simply don’t have the time to MAKE him do it.


But. The boy is registered and classes start January 17th. He will go from 9:00 to 11:00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leaving Tuesday and Thursday free for him to catch up on homework and work – whenever he gets a job.

And that’s another thing.

Kevin and Dude went laptop shopping on Friday. Kevin needs a better laptop because he landed a pretty big client and has to work at their offices for the next four months. They went to a computer store and after Kevin made his selection, he asked them if they were hiring. He actually talked to the owner. And the owner told him, (and Dude), that in order to work in his, or any, really, computer store, Dude would need his A+ certificate. (Some computer thing).

So. We are going to push Dude into getting his certificate because that is his ultimate goal – to work with/around computers. And what better way to start than in a computer store?


When you ask Dude if he WANTS to do that – he makes a noncommittal sort of sound. But here’s the thing – Dude doesn’t WANT to do anything. What Dude WANTS is to hide in his room and play video games all day because it’s easy and it doesn’t require any effort on his part.

Because the boy is 1. shy and 2. lazy.

Um. NO.

So. We have to push him – for his own good. Because when you ask Dude what he wants to do, or what interests him, he simply shrugs. Since he’s not making a commitment to his future, then I guess we’ll have to push him to that commitment.

I have to be honest. I will breathe easier once Dude starts taking an active interest in his life and starts taking the initiative on DOING something with himself. It’s exhausting always being the bad guy. I know he’s young. I know he probably doesn’t KNOW what he wants out of life, but hells bells, if we wait on him to make up his mind, he’ll be 30-years old and still holed up in his dark room, with his over-sized headphones on his head, completely lost in his cyber world.

Um. NO.

I love my oldest son something fierce. But I’m REALLY ready for him to start living his life.

Without us.


I think I’m going to have Jazz drive to school tomorrow. With me, of course, because he doesn’t have his license yet. But I’m not entirely sure he’s READY to drive to school, in morning traffic, yet. He really hasn’t practiced all that much – he’s only been on the busy roads about half a dozen times, but I’m getting impatient for him to learn to drive. It’ll be SO MUCH EASIER when he gets his license.

But if I push him too hard too soon, it will scare him off driving entirely and we’ll end up taking one giant step backward.


Patience is not my strongest suit.

I bought two Christmas albums yesterday: Michael Buble and Glee.

I know!

I’ve already burned both albums and I will be posting the songs from those albums very soon. Buble’s voice is so smooth – he’s sort of a cross between Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. And of course, the whole Glee cast is fun and different. I had thought I might put our Christmas tree up this weekend, but I’ve just been too sapped of energy to even think about it. I have a four-day weekend coming up, so that will give me a chance to get some stuff caught up around the house and to get the tree up.

I started my Christmas shopping today. I buy everything online because 1. I have NO time to shop and 2. I would rather avoid the lines and simply have it delivered to me.

Only. I don’t trust our mail service anymore (because NetFlix didn’t receive yet another movie and I’ve now resorted to dropping our movies off into an actual mailbox instead of leaving them in our mailbox), so I will have to have our packages delivered to either Kevin’s office, or order my stuff from Wal-Mart and just pick up my stuff from them.

Which saves me on shipping but UGH, PAIN IN THE BUTT.

I know this crappy economy has put people in dire straits and you can always tell when things are bad when people start stealing movies out of your mailbox or break into places to steal copper so they can resell it, but still! It’s not an excuse.

And lastly …!/writefromkaren/status/138343101042405376!/writefromkaren/status/138343359109537793!/writefromkaren/status/138344131725508609!/writefromkaren/status/138344854706061312!/writefromkaren/status/138345992448782336

There. I feel better since getting that off my chest.