Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: The Benefits of “Thanks-Living”

by Dan Gallagher
This tape provides a powerful new perspective on the subject of thankfulness. We know that we are to be thankful but have you ever considered the benefits flowing from an “attitude of gratitude”? Not only are there many benefits, there are many negative consequences when we don’t live this way.

This is a two-part teaching by Dan Gallagher and John Schoenheit. Dan’s teaching establishes from the Word of God the psychosomatic (mind-body) relationship, demonstrating how negative emotions and thoughts powerfully affect the body, and how thankful thoughts are the antidote prescribed for us by God. Dan also shows the clear connection between thankfulness and joy. John follows by exhibiting that God commands us to be thankful and illustrating that it is something that does not come naturally because we live in a fallen world and beset by many things that can make us un-thankful. You’ll be thankful you heard this wonderful teaching.

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