My Book Stash

Just got back from the spring library book sale …

Book Sale - 4-26-11

Kevin and I went on our lunch hour. I’m always a bit surprised that Kevin even likes to go with me – he hardly ever buys any books. He likes to joke that he prefers to look at books, not read them.


However, I came away with 18 sweet gems.

My Book Stash

In fact, most of these books were on my Amazon wish list so … SCORE! AND, I made sure to pick out the better quality books so I should be able to resell them after I read them.


All in all, we left with 21 books. (Kevin bought three – but not to read. He liked them because they’re old and will look cool on a book shelf! The man seriously cracks me up). We spent $60 bucks.

Twenty-one books for $60 bucks? NOT BAD!

This was only round one. I stayed in the “better” book section, I haven’t even browsed the older book section yet.

That’s round two.