My New ‘Do

New Haircut - April 16, 2011

This is the shortest I’ve EVER had my hair.

*commence freak out here*

I like it, but WOW, this is going to take some getting used to!! It’s actually a little too short, in fact, the gal that cut it was being conservative! She said, “Wow. I’m glad I didn’t cut it any shorter!”

You and me both, sister!

But it’s okay. It’s hair, it’ll grow out. She gave me a razor cut – I’ve always liked razor cuts, I think my hair handles those types of cuts the best. (It looks “piecey” instead of blocky, if that makes sense). I’m thinking it’s going to look pretty cool in about two weeks and I’ll just have it trimmed from that point on – so it’s all good. She also gave me a color and highlights. I sort of freaked out when she rinsed my hair out and it was ORANGE!! No joke, it was orange.

“You don’t think that’s a little orange?” I asked her.

“Oh no! I think it looks really good. It’s the fluorescent lights,” she said.

Yeah right, I thought.

“Let me blow a little of it dry and then we’ll go outside and look at it in natural light.”

So, she did. And we went outside. And I calmed down because it didn’t look NEARLY as orange away from the salon lights.

I watched her style my hair like a hawk. I have no idea if I’ll be able to get the height she got out of it, but I’m going to try. I’m going to buy some root lifter and a skinny flat iron (she used the flat iron instead of a curling iron and it really gave it some curl without going bonkers), so we’ll see how it looks tomorrow after I wash it.

But I like it. It feels so LIGHT. And I feel so COOL. As in literally – I didn’t realize how much heat my hair trapped on my neck. This is going to be so awesome for the summer months. And maybe I’ll actually be able to wear scarves in the winter time without feeling like I have a nuclear power plant inside my core.

I’ve always wanted to go this short, I’ve just never had the guts to go this short before. I think it makes my face look fat, but oh well, I’ll use the height to offset that little flaw.

If you live in the Springfield area, I went to Latter Rain Salon – HIGHLY recommend them. Sweet gals and reasonable prices.