“So this is a cook off for the inheritance? Is that what you’re saying? How much alcohol have you had today?” Mary studied her son for long moments. “Do you even know how to cook?” Jason snorted. “Of course.” Mary continued to stare. “Fine. Not really. But I get by.” “How? By hiring a cook? … Continue reading Priorities


Grammar Police

“Hey, are you going out? I need a birthday party flavor.” I blinked. Huh? “Don’t you mean favor? Flavors are something you taste.” I gave her a confused look. She laughed. “Wait. What did I say?” She flapped her hand impatiently. “Never mind, we’re running out of time, Ms. Grammar police.” I bristled. “I’m not … Continue reading Grammar Police

Self Medicated

“Hey, where are you going?” I hobbled after the young woman . “Wait! There’s more!” I collapsed onto a park bench and rubbed my temples. My head pounded. Why was I in the park? What day was it? BIRD! “Hello bird,” I mumbled. “Would you like to hear my story? It’s an interesting juxtaposition of … Continue reading Self Medicated


“We know where all the bodies are buried,” my sister’s friend snarled. My sister gave me an evil smile over her shoulder. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said while trying to calm my pounding heart. The Amazon (which is what I silently called my sister’s friend), held out her hands – … Continue reading Headless